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Our Services

Women's Haircut
Haircut includes Shampoo & Blowdry
Men Haircut
Includes Shampoo & Style
Kid Haircut
Age 12 & under ( no kids under 5) Includes Shampoo & Blowdry or Style
Beard Trim
Beard trim and clean up
Fringe Trim
Fringe trims are complimentary for current clients
Shampoo & Blowdry
Price depend on length and thickness of hair
Curling Iron Set
Adding curls with curling iron or wand (Price varies on length and thickness of hair)
Smooth Iron
Smoothing hair with a flat iron ( price varies on length and thickness of hair)
Updo/Formal Hairstyle
Price depends on hair length and thickness and on the desired hairstyle
Roller Set
(Velcro/ Hot) price varies on hair thickness and length
Smooth/Curl Iron Add-on
Add on to a haircut & style service ( price varies on thickness and length of hair)
Upper Lip hair removal
Upper lip hair removal with wax
Chin hair removal
chin hair removal with wax
Eyebrow hair removal, cleaning/shaping with Wax. ( If using blood thinner medications this service might not be best for you... please consult your doctor before booking this appointment! )
Bella Chic Makeup Application
(Consultation Required)
Bella Chic Bridal Makeup
Consultation Required!
Deep Conditionig treatment
Keratin Intensive Treatment
Deep conditioning treatment that requires to be under dryer with this product. Repairs and protects and gives hydration, has keratriplex ( blend or keratin proteins)
Hydratriplex Treatment
Has a blend of amino acids, vegetable proteins, nourishing oils that give Extreme hydration and revive hair and improves manageability. * Requires to be under the dryer
Keratriplex Treatment
Concentrated blend of Keratin proteins, it repairs weak, brittle hair and seals cuticle, it includes the keratin Intensive treatment as its second step in the process, which helps with intense hydration. * Requires to be under cap
Camo Color
Grey Blending for Men
Color Balance
Prep for new Color
Full Highlights
Partial Highlights
Panel Highlight
Price varies on length and thickness of hair. *Consultation Recommended
Platinum Card
This service is to fully go Blond or Platinum, Price depends on thickness and length of hair. *Consultation Required
Platinum Card Retouch
3-5 week retouch * After 5 weeks Price increases
Double process
Lightning Hair to the desired level to acheive the desired all over Color ( Price varies on Length and Thickness of hair)
Single Process
All over Color ( Price depends on the thickness and Length of hair)
* Regrowth of 3-5 weeks if regrowth area half your head it will be considered Single process * Price depends on thickness and Length of hair
Toners, Glazes with tone or Demi color ( Price depend on thickness and Length of hair)
Pm Shine/ Toner Add-on
Pm shines ( gloss ) / Toner with a Color service * Price vary on hair length and thickness of hair
Block Color
Paul Mitchell Customized Color Technique ( Price depend on thickness and length of hair)
Corrective Color
Price depend on thickness and length of hair
Complimentary consultation to discuss a service for a desired look
Hair Extensions
( Consultation is Required! ) * Amount on extension packs depend on how much hair is needed to achieve desired look * Deposit Required to order Hair extensions * Installation fee due the day of Installation service

Our Staff

Mariana Silva