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Cryotherapy Facial Toning

Make your skin look & feel 10 years younger. Resurfacing facial which includes Cryotherapy, radio frequency, & led light therapy to tighten skin, lessen the appearance of fine lines & wrinkles, diminish dark spots on skin & dark circle under eyes. This facial also reduces redness & reduces the appearance of pores.

$150 · 15 minutes

Back Cavitation Lipo- Permant Fat killing

Uses ultrasonic waves to eliminate fat cells reduces pockets, rolls , & bulges. Completely non invasive so there’s No pain, scaring, or downtime

$150 · 30 minutes

Leg/Thigh Slimming

$200 · 30 minutes

New You Package

5 Glam Cavitation Lipo, 4 Butt Enhancements, 4 Muscle Magic, 4 Infared Sauna

$1,500 · 30 minutes

Super Slim Package

4 Glam Cavitation Sessions, 4 Inferred Sauna Blanket, 3 Muscle Magic included in this special package price ($1800 regular price)

$999 · 30 minutes

Ms. New Booty Package

8 Butt Enhancement Sessions, 8 Muscle Magic, 3 Cellulite Lifting Treatments

$999 · 30 minutes

Skin Tightening

This service helps to tighten loose saggy skin helping to produce collagen & elastin in your body. This service includes 3 treatments as a package as multiple sessions are necessary to get the best possible result. (3 skin tightening treatments for $150)

$150 · 30 minutes

Fine as Wine Package

We slim your stomach by permanently killing the fat then tighten & tone it, than enhance your booty by increasing the size first by permanently building the butt equivalent to 6000 squats then plump it with enhancement for more fullness (cryotherapy, radio frequency, muscle magic, & butt enhancement)

$500 · 1 hour

Glam Slimming belt

$99 · 5 minutes

Post Op Surgery Care

This service is provided to our clients that have had surgery and need postop care such as lymphatic drainage and seroma removal & prevention

$60 · 30 minutes

5 Ultimate Cavitation Session Special

$800 · 30 minutes

Yoni Steam-You & a friend

$50 · 30 minutes

Rainforrest Room Instant Weight loss

Instantly loose water weight (approx. 2-3 lbs), burn calories & speed up your metabolism instantly in our relaxing rain Forrest room

$40 · 30 minutes

Glam Cavitation Slimming-100k Permanent Fat killing

Our patented machine we specifically created that is 3xs more powerful than our basic cavitation treatment. 100kHz wave length to get you a great slimming session . It permanently kills your fat then drains through the lymphatic system so there’s no pain, no discomfort or no recovery time

$200 · 30 minutes

1/2 Cavitation Treatment

$75 · 30 minutes

Mommy Make Over

3 permanent killing cavitation, 3 infrared sauna, 3 skin tightening, 3 muscle toning, 3 butt or breast enhancements * treatments are done at 3 different times

$1,200 · 1 hour

Best Booty Building

This service is to give you the most booty possible with our combined treatments. First we start by lifting your buttock, then we permanently build your butt muscle equivalent to 6000 squats to give it a permanent foundation. we increase circulation to reduce and prevent cellulite, and then plump for fullness & enhance it to pull it out and make it larger. This treatment also stimulates the natural growth to help it to get bigger. The total treatment time is an hour (please bring pillow to sit on afterwards)

$250 · 30 minutes

Cryo Fat Freezer

Permanently kills fat by freezing the under layer of the skin making the fat cells die causing apoptosis. Your body will naturally drain the dead fat cells through your lymphatic system.

$250 · 30 minutes

Eyebrow Tinting

$15 · 15 minutes

*Tooth Glam Consultation

Free · 30 minutes

Tooth Glam 8 teeth

$800 · 4 hours

Tooth Glam 10 teeth

$1,000 · 30 minutes

Tooth Glam 16 teeth

$1,600 · 30 minutes

Tooth Gem

$30 · 30 minutes

Tooth Gems 4 for $80

$80 · 30 minutes

Cryotherapy Instant Slimming

Thermal shock using the most advanced cryotherapy machine to freeze fat cells which permanently killing them with guaranteed instant results, final results will improve within 14 days. Can be used on any part of the body that has fat

$350 · 30 minutes

Buttock Enhancement

Enhance/Lift your butt to give it a more curvier appealing appearance. Helps make cellulite & dimples less visible. Instant results with no pain, no downtime, it’s completely non-invasive *Bring pillow to sit on after treatment for your ride home

$99 · 15 minutes

Brazilian Butt Lift

We slim the stomach,waist, & love handles, the enhance the butt to give you a more curvier figure. Cryotherapy , ultimate cavitation & butt Enhancement all included in this special package price (regular price $650, save $150) *Bring pillow to sit on after treatment for your ride home

$499 · 2 hours

Cryotherapy Anti-Cellulite

Tighten & Tone with our best anti-cellulite treatment to help reduce the cellulites visibility

$300 · 30 minutes


Go over all services and any questions you may have

Free · 15 minutes

Slimming-Double chin

Tightens & slim under your chin area instantly! Permanently killing fat & tightening the skin to give your face a slimmer younger appearance

$150 · 15 minutes

Liposuction Fix

Eliminates fat pockets, bulges, & unevenness from previous liposuction procedure

$150 · 30 minutes

C-section bulge Reduction

Helps reduce that lower stomach bulge. Permanently kills fat which reduces the bulge. May be due to scar tissue build up from previous Caesarian section which also helps eliminate scar tissue. 2 sessions are recommended . Completely natural with no pain or no downtime. This is for lower bulge only!!

$99 · 30 minutes

Breast Enhancement

Enhance Breasts (must be C Cup or smaller) making them fuller using a new non-invasive treatment which enhances your natural breasts. No pain, no downtime, instant results.

$99 · 15 minutes

Cellulite Vacuum Therapy

Helps to make cellulite less visible using different methods including wood therapy, fascia treatment & vacuum cupping therapy

$79 · 30 minutes

Double Bubble

Muscle magic permanently builds buttock muscles equivalent to 6000 squats then we added a butt enhancement to give you double the affect *Bring pillow to sit on after treatment for your ride home

$150 · 30 minutes

Muscle Magic

Build, define and tone muscles (Will be sore like after workout) Can be used on stomach for abs Arms, legs, back or buttocks

$99 · 15 minutes

Ultimate Cavitation Slim & Trim

Area of ultimate cavitation slimming session (permanently kills fat) followed by a muscle Magic session which tightens, tones & defines the area of slimming

$175 · 30 minutes

Cryo Slim & Trim Package

Cryotherapy instant permanent fat removal followed by muscle Magic which helps with lymphatic drainage while it tightens, tones, & defines the area

$400 · 30 minutes

Enhancement Party

Having a get together? Girls night, bachelorette party, birthday?? Let us come to you & not only enjoy your time but your body weeks after.. 2 hrs $400 3 hrs $500 4 hrs $600

Starting at $400 · 30 minutes

Professional Teeth Whitening

Dental grade teeth whitening system which guarantees at least 3 shades whiter with just one session. Come get a brighter smile instantly for 1/3 the price anywhere else.

$99 · 30 minutes

Pamper Day

One day full of our amazing services inquire in office for full details you pick your package depending on your needs

$1,500 · 5 hours 30 minutes

Full body detox

Relax & Detox your body of fat & impurity’s in your pores & skin in our Glam sauna. Eliminates body odor and dry skin while enriching your skin with steam filled with natural herbs.

$30 · 30 minutes

Yoni Steam

Choose a specific formula to help with 1)menstrual after cleansing, 2) ph balance, 3)dryness 4)infertility or 5) a blended formula for an overall healthy vagina Naturally cleanses vagina through steaming

$30 · 30 minutes

Super Slim Stomach

3 different slimming services combined to give you the best ultimate slimming results of a targeted area, ultimate cavitation, muscle magic & inferred sauna blanket. Helps to permanently kill fat, then dispose of it naturally while tightening, toning, & defining the area. 1 1/2 hr treatment time

$250 · 30 minutes

Butt Enhancement follow-up

Must be within 3 weeks of original butt enhancement appointment to get this follow-up discount *Bring pillow to sit on after treatment for your ride home

$50 · 15 minutes

Pick 2 Special

Pick 2 services get both for a discounted price of $150 Services include: Muscle Magic, Butt Enhancement, Breast Enhancement, teeth whitening, glam steam, or sauna blanket

$150 · 30 minutes

Fat Reducing Sauna Blanket

Sweat out impurity’s, toxins, and fat with our sauna blanket.. helps clean your body while losing weight & shedding pounds , a great treatment to use after a slimming session to sweat out fat cells immediately

$40 · 30 minutes


Best Weight loss Supplement available. Help suppress your appetite, increase your metabolism while shedding those excess pounds without any jittery side affects

$99 · 30 minutes

Back or Love Handles Ultimate Cavitation Session

2xs more powerful than any machine on the market.. Cavitation Lipo uses ultrasonic waves to permanently kill fat cells then dispose of it naturally through your lymphatic system. Get 2xs better results in just one session with radio frequency included to help tighten your skin as it slims. Can be used on any part of your body

$150 · 30 minutes

Soul Snatcher

Tighten your vagina with our new machine that helps to strengthen your vagina muscles & tighten your walls, let the machine do Keegals for you. Instant results

$99 · 30 minutes


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