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Reiki Session

Reiki is a Japanese energy balancing and relaxation technique that will leave you feeling relaxed and refreshed. Reiki treatments relieve stress and reduce anxiety, and can be an effective complementary treatment for depression. Reiki can also target specific problem areas of pain, reduce inflammation and boost your immune system. Reiki identifies and clears mental and emotional energy blockages to allow the body space to rest and heal itself. This total body treatment works to restore balance and promote a deeper mind/body connection. *Optional intuitive life readings available at no extra charge*

$99 · 55 minutes

Individualized Yoga Training Initial Consult

1 on 1 yoga training for those who want to find the safest way to begin practicing yoga while protecting their joints and maintaining proper alignment. Especially beneficial for those with injuries or weakened areas of the body or those interested in but unfamiliar with yoga. This non-threatening 1:1 session will give you the tools you need to start unlocking your body and help you to reclaim your mobility. Chair yoga, gentle yoga, yin and restorative styles of yoga can all help your body to relearn movement cues and heal from both stagnation and injury. I am a registered nurse specializing in rehabilitative exercise routines and am well-versed in chronic health conditions and their effect on the body's ability to exercise. I also love to teach people about their bodies so come with your questions about health and disease!

$99 · 55 minutes

Follow up reiki / yoga session

After your initial service consult, follow up visits are $75.00

$75 · 55 minutes

Sound Therapy / Sound Bath Healing

This one hour session uses a complete set of authentic Tibetan Singing Bowls from Nepal to open the chakras and bring the body into balance through vibration and sound healing. Each bowl used in the therapy resonates at a different note that corresponds to the chakras. Come and experience the complete relaxation and peace that comes from sound therapy!

$75 · 55 minutes

Lynda Meyers