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Nutrition, Warning Signs, Signs of Labor, Exercise

In this class we will help you understand proper pregnancy nutrition, help you to understand warning signs and signs of labor. We also include some simple exercises to help your body prepare for the big day. Please be prepared to do some simple stretching exercises.

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Stages of Labor

Learn the ins and outs of the various stages of labor. In this class you will learn what the stages are and what to expect during each stage.

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Labor Support Techniques for the Expectant Parent and Partner

This class is essential as you and your partner prepare for the big day. This class teaches both expectant parents and their partners techniques for comfort, progressing labor, and so much more.

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Medications and Medical Interventions

In this class you will learn not only about medications and medical interventions, but you will also learn the risks and benefits. When class is over you will be prepared to make educated decisions on what is in the best interest of you and your baby.

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Postpartum and New Baby

Unsure of what to expect after the baby comes? Learn all about what your mind and body will be going through physically and emotionally after the birth. We discuss how life will change after baby, and also learn about normal newborn appearance, procedures potentially performed, sleeping and feeding patterns, safe sleep, comforting baby, and more.

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Breastfeeding and Feeding Your baby

This class helps to prepare you for your breastfeeding journey. Specific topics included are: Anatomy of the breasts and how they make milk Benefits of breastfeeding Breastfeeding techniques (latch and positioning) Pumping and storing milk What to do when things aren't going as planned Introducing solid foods

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Breastfeeding Assistance

We offer many options in breastfeeding support. We off phone consults, virtual and in office consults (offered on a sliding scale to make it accessible to all), and in home visits. If choosing a home visit please put your address in the appointment notes section.

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Birth Planning Assistance

We are here to help you create an effective birth plan. In our 1-2 hour session we will discuss provider and birth location compatibility, educate you on your birth options, and help you to create a visual birth plan that you can share with your provider.

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Professional Birth Workers Consultation (Phone/In-person)

This service is for birth professionals who would like to advance their business, or want to learn more. Choose either a 1-hr phone consultation or 2-hr in person consultation in our office.

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