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Dedicated to improving maternal and perinatal outcomes
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Our Services

Free consultation / postpartum doula interview (in person)
Are you looking for a postpartum doula, and would like to interview Michelle? Then schedule a 30 minute meeting to interview her, in order to see if her services are what you are looking for. PLEASE ONLY SCHEDULE THIS APPOINTMENT IF YOU ARE LOOKING FOR A POSTPARTUM DOULA - IF YOU ARE LOOKING FOR A BIRTH DOULA PLEASE CONTACT THEM DIRECTLY VIA THEIR PROFILES ON THE WEBSITE.
Birth Planning Assistance
We are here to help you create an effective birth plan. In our 1-2 hour session we will discuss provider and birth location compatibility, educate you on your birth options, and help you to create a visual birth plan that you can share with your provider.
Breastfeeding Assistance (in office)
Having breastfeeding issues? Have questions? Schedule an appointment with Michelle (she is a La Leche League Leader, breastfeeding educator, and breastfeeding counselor), and get one on one assistance. When scheduling please allow at least two hours for this appointment and please bring your baby along so we can work together to solve your problems.
Breastfeeding Assistance (in office - sliding scale)
Are you struggling with breastfeeding, but cannot afford to pay full price? Then schedule an in office appointment and choose what you can afford to pay - we want everyone to be able to get the help they need. When scheduling put how much you can afford in the appointment notes section ($0-$70). If you can afford to pay something we will invoice you via email. If you choose free services we will not allow missed appointments to reschedule, so it is important that you come on the day/time you have chosen.
Breastfeeding Assistance (in your home)
Are you looking for breastfeeding assistance, but don't want to leave your home? Then consider bringing Michelle, a breastfeeding counselor/educator to your home. In this appointment Michelle will answer your questions, work on improving the issues that have arisen, and works towards improving your breastfeeding relationship. Please allow at least two hours for this appointment. An additional travel fee of $20 will be assessed if your home is more than 30 minutes from 1586 S. 81st St, West Allis, WI 53214
Schedule a private childbirth class (specify in appointment notes which class you want to take)
Any of our classes can be scheduled privately if you would like. When choosing this option please note the classes will be held in my office, and you will need to put in the misc section of the registration form what class you would like.
ASQ (Ages and Stages) - for established clients only
For established clients only - schedule your ASQ appointment today to see if your baby is on track developmentally and emotionally.
1 hr Phone Consultation (for birth professionals)
This service is for birth professionals who would like to advance their business.
2 hr In Person Consultation (for birth professionals)
This service is for birth professionals who would like to advance their business, and who are seeking one on one assistance in person

Our Staff

Michelle Hardy