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Online Visit With Santa

Talk directly to Santa via Zoom. A confirming e-mail will be sent with an invitation to the Zoom meeting along with a questionnaire about the participants.

$50 · 10 minutes

Santa Glenn

As a 4 year old, I remember Mom taking me to visit Santa at the Buster Brown Shoe Store at Chamblee Plaza. I knew this was not THE Santa Claus as I could see the elastic straps holding his truly bad fake beard in place and I could also see wisps of his dark hair peeking out beneath the wig. When Mom took me to the same location the following year, I recognized the same gentleman. I realized I had told him what I wanted for Christmas the previous year and I got most of my wishes. Still I knew this guy was definitely not Santa Claus but he evidently had some type of inside connection. I figured right then if THIS guy could have this as a job then that’s what I wanted to do, too, when I got older. I've been portraying Santa now since 2010.