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Cupping & Massage

This service is by far my favorite. Cupping is highly effective in calming down the central nervous system by stimulating circulation & blood flow by creating a suction [or vacuum] of the skin, separating it from the muscle layer. By creating this vacuum, it allows the connective tissue [fascia] to stretch out and create space for proper blood & lymph flow. The fascia is where adhesions [also known as muscle knots] begin to form. When we stretch and create space in the fascia it can help the compressed nerves to stop misfiring. Balancing out the central nervous system and creating stillness might be what your body needs to heal from excessive physical or mental stress. Therefore, this is great for someone who has extra stress, chronic pain or recovering from an injury.

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Choose from a 30 minute session to a full 2 hour session. 30 minutes is a great option if you are recovering from an injury or surgery. We can focus on breaking down scar tissue and regaining range of motion. 60 and 90 minute session are the most common. It’s a great option to help relax where you are carrying stress. 120 minutes (2 hours) is my favorite! There is plenty of time for me to focus on what your body needs while getting an extra 10-15 minutes on your feet, hands or head. Whatever time length you choose you’ll be walking out feeling more relaxed and with less stress and pain.

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CBD Massage

Enhance your massage experience by adding CBD to our massage. Applying CBD to your skin may provide increased benefits of reduced inflammation, muscle soreness, stress and anxiety levels. This is great for injuries, arthritis and high anxiety. 2 options are available: CBD with chamomile, frankincense & lavender CBD with peppermint & camphor This massage oil is the only typical oil that is FDA-Approved and contains 0 THC. Experience a new way of recovery.

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Prenatal Massage

This massage session is for expecting mother’s who need extra attention as her body goes through changes during pregnancy. In this session you will feel the enhancement of joint function, improve circulation and help relieve mental and physical fatigue.

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