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Emie Locke: Certified Esalen Massage Therapist, Craniosacral Therapist, Life Coach. Restoring wholeness to bodymindspirit.
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Our Services

Craniosacral Therapy
Craniosacral Therapy is a light touch therapy. In a fully clothed session, I locate restrictions and patterns in the body and help facilitate release in muscle, fascia, and structural tensions. Craniosacral therapy allows the entire body to relax and self correct. Craniosacral Therapy can help relieve a full spectrum of pain, illness and dysfunction including: - Migraines and Headaches - Chronic Neck and Back Pain - Stress and Tension-Related Disorders - Motor-Coordination Impairments - Brain and Spinal Cord Injuries - Chronic Fatigue - Fibromyalgia - TMJ Syndrome - Scliosis - Central Nervous System Disorders - Learning Disabilities - ADD/ADHD - Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder - Orthopedic Problems - Many Other Conditions. My standard appointment is 1 hour 15 min. Shorter or longer sessions are available at the rate of $25 per quarter hour segments.
Esalen Massage Therapy
Esalen Institute pioneered many approaches that integrate body, mind, and spirit, and Esalen Massage builds on this rich history in depth. Esalen Massage offers an experience of the “bigger picture” of simple human touch supporting healing within the whole person. It is a holistic approach with signature long strokes with deep integration and healing of bodymindspirit. A 75 minute session is $125. Longer sessions will add $25 per quarter hour.
Craniosacral and Massage Therapy Combo
Craniosacral and massage therapy compliment each other beautifully. Many of my clients choose 25 minutes of craniosacral adjustments and 25 minutes of massage on focused problem areas. My standard appointment is 1 hour 15 min. Shorter or longer sessions are available at the rate of $25 per quarter hour segments.
Kid Session: CranioSacral Therapy
I work with children for a reduced price. I typically work with kids ages 8 and up. We will schedule an hour and I work to the comfort level and tolerance of the child. Some sessions end up being 30 min and some an hour. It's $50 per session for children. If you have younger children that need CranioSacral Therapy, I have great practitioner friends to refer you to.
Prenatal Massage
I love working with moms bringing some relaxation, peace and relief to your life giving body.
Multi Hands CranioSacral Work
Multi Hands CranioSacral therapy work is a unique and effective method and opportunity of gently locating patterns of restrictions of bodymindspirit with the help and guidance of two or more practitioners working with a client at the same time. The testimonies of my clients who have experienced shifts in their pain and process of healing after working with me and my colleague, Eric Moya in a four handed session are outstanding. These sessions will be available only one Friday a month at my Carmel, CA office with me and Eric Moya who has 20+ years of body work expertise as a practitioner and instructor for Upledger Institute. If you are interested in a session with both of us, please click on Carmel Office Location and schedule on an open Friday appointment. If you have any questions, feel free to call at 559-372-9021. For more information about or to book a one on one session with Eric Moya, go to
Personalized Sessions: Call before booking
I charge $20 per quarter hour for CranioSacral Therapy and $25 per quarter hour for Esalen Massage Therapy. We can work anywhere from 45 minute sessions to 2 hour sessions in any modality or combination of modalities I offer. Please text or call if you want to schedule more or less time than my standard 75 min sessions at $100 per session. Thank you.
Life Coaching
If you are interested in a life coaching session, please text or call to set up an interview. This is an important step in assuring that working together will be a good fit and what I offer is what you are hoping for. During the interview process we will discuss number of sessions and pricing. I am available for ZOOM sessions as well as in person. For those who are already life coaching clients, feel free to book this session without a phone call. 559-372-9021
Group Life Coaching
I love working with small groups of people, creating safe community where authentic growth and inspiration can happen. The synergy of small groups offers a unique climate for shifting in areas of your life that you keep hitting walls. If you have an interest in grabbing a few friends (up to 6 people per group), contact me to discuss details.
Personalized Individual or Group Weekend Retreats
I love leading retreats that allow for time and space to unwind bodymindspirit. We will explore a variety of avenues and tools including silence, movement, bodywork, nature, authentic connection and self exploration both alone and in connection to nature and others. If you are interested in a solo retreat, or a retreat with a small group of friends, I would be honored to facilitate your journey of greater self awareness, healing and self love. Call to talk about possibilities. 559-372-9021

Our Staff

Emie Locke is a bodymindspirit therapist. She creates safe space for you to relax, allowing your body to move into its natural ability to self correct. She does this skillfully and intuitively, facilitating transformation in your self care journey.
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