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Wellness Service Options

Restorative Yoga, Qigong, Mindful Movement, Overall Wellness, Meal Prep, Nature Walk, Meditation/Mindfulness Session, Silver Sneakers Stretch Session

$50 · 1 hour

Virtual Wellness Consultation

This 60 minute virtual wellness discussion will be an opportunity to listen to your overall goals and begin the process of supporting you in your wellness journey. It can include compassionate, intro into meditation, breath work, sample meal prep, beginner yoga, qigong or even a nature walk.

$50 · 1 hour

Peer Professional Support

Professional support with office or administrative tasks, creating documents, digital record keeping, customer service, records management, other administrative or professional office or work related tasks.

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Tamia McEwen

Tamia A.McEwen, CEO & Owner of Be Well, Friends LLC, uses combination of yoga, nutrition guidance, and breathwork to help clients to achieve their wellness goals. As a wellness education specialist, she was her first client, using a holistic method she developed in response to creating her own personal wellness plan as a veteran educator of 22 years. She became a certified yoga teacher (200 hrs) to help her students heal from emotional trauma, not realizing that the methods of eating for wellness, meditation and mindful movement would also give her a "place to put her emotions". With a PhD in Curriculum & Instruction, MA in Reading, Tamia is not only a scholar and educational leader, she is a holistic wellness advocate and practitioner.