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Reiki Sessions with Beth

Reiki energy healing with Reiki Master, Beth Sauter

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Sound Bath Session with Crystal Singing Bowls (30 Min)

Sacred Resonances for Vibrational Healing! Enjoy a cleansing experience by enjoying the frequencies 7 chakra-aligned crystal singing bowls. Made of 99.99% Quartz Crystal! “Like Fantasia in your brain”- client testimony ❤️ If you would like to attend a sound bath with these heavenly harmonics, be my guest! Healing opportunities are available to go along with Reiki sessions, or independently! Click the "add on" option for Reiki in the booking options!

$40 · 30 minutes

3 Card Reading Add-on

I will pull three cards , and add the insight to our reiki session if we need further clarity on a message or question we discover during the session!

$5 · 10 minutes

Full Tarot Reading

If you are seeking wisdom, tarot is a tool of guidance to connect to your own inner wisdom. In a reading with Beth, you will be fully engaged in the process, in discovering, clarifying, revealing and confirming your intuition. The reading should last around 20 minutes, and her presence as a Reiki Master and Crystal healer allow her a grounded and guided perspective to support your quests.

$30 $30 · 20 minutes


Beth Sauter