Jean-Marc Sobczyk ND Telehealth

Dr. Jean-Marc Sobczyk is a California Licensed Naturopathic Doctor and a Medical Doctor, Board certified in France.

He is passionate about MTHFR and Nutrigenomics, a Mold literate doctor and SIBO expert and applies his experience and knowledge to help patients of all ages optimize their health and achieve their genetic potential.

Dr. Jean-Marc Sobczyk received his medical training at Southwest College of Naturopathic Medicine, in Arizona, and his MD training at Universite Pierre et Marie Curie in Paris, France.

He is proud to offer to his patients, worldwide, telehealth appointments via a HIPAA compliant platform (encrypted and secured connection).

Please note that due to the fact that you have not seen him in-person means that he is not your doctor. This means that he can not diagnose you, provide you with CPT / diagnosis codes for insurance, write prescriptions for you, or order certain labs for you.

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Our Services

Free 10 Minutes Discovery Visit (FREE)
A brief discussion regarding your current health concerns. No recommendations are given, prescription or plan. See if I am a good fit for your healths needs.
New Patient's Initial Evaluation, 60 minutes
Initial appointment for labs review and genetic testing review with other health concerns ( includes complete History, Labs review, and recommendations) Ideal for complex cases.
New Patient's Initial Evaluation, 30 minutes (Most Popular)
Initial appointment for labs review and genetic testing review ( includes a brief History, Labs review and recommendations)
Follow-up Visit Comprehensive 30 minutes
A Follow-up visit to adjust recommendations and monitor progress.
Follow-up Visit: Brief 15 minutes
Review of previous recommendations, adjustments to your plan as needed.

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Jean-marc Sobczyk