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Feb 5th 2022 (8 Week) Atlanta Kids Sewing Ages 7-15 Dress Making

This is an 8 week session where the students will learn begginer dress making. We will discuss patterns, cutting and sewing. This Class is held at 352 University Avenue SW Atlanta GA 30310. Week 1 Sewing machine intro,Measuring the body and Pattern Introduction, Week 2 Pattern cutting &Fabric layout,marking and cutting, Week 3 fabric cutting and sewing , Week 4-8 sewing.

$240 ยท 1 hour 30 minutes

Birthday Party Nationwide

The regular birthday party package includes the instructor fee, 1 project, classroom rental room for up to 5. We can come to your home with this booking at no additional fee. Please choose a project of your choice (skirt, stuffed toy, tote bag, emoji pillow,, headbands & scrunchies, pillow, sock puppets, fabric phone holder, stuffed ice cream stuffie, slice of cake stuffie). Birthday parties are non refundable and in person parties must be booked 2 weeks in advance. Virtual party must purchase our project kit for each child at 24.99.

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Kids In Home Sewing (GA Only)

Note: We are not able to book in home lessons between 12:00-2:00pm on Saturdays. Please book before or after this time. Arrivals: Please give the instructor a 10-20 minute grace period for unforseen circumstances. For example: If you book a 3:00pm lesson your estimated time of arrival is 3:00-3:20. However, If the instructor is running late we will always be happy to reclaim the time during another lesson. *The first two lessons are not a full 90 minutes and may end earlier. No time will be reclaimed for the first two lessons. The 6-week group booking must have at least five participants. You can book this rate for a group of friends. This is a per person rate for a 6weeks. Students can complete 1-2 pr

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