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Let's get to know one another and let NOTE_GEEK provide you with quality services and quality customer care.

Price Varies · 30 minutes

Resume & Combo Packages

This includes a formatted resume and cover letter and two job scans.

$125 · 10 hours


Get a professional resume for an affordable price. Let us get your foot in the door. Bypass your competition with a crisp, tailored, formatted resume. Learn what else NOTE_GEEK can do for you pertaining to your resume. This service includes ONE FREE RESUME SCAN when you begin applying for jobs.

$55 · 2 hours

Resume 2-3 Scans

Not sure if your resume will stand up to the test of the job you are seeking to acquire? No need to fret... NOTE-GEEK has top-notch software that will get your resume notice by investors or employers. Just send your resume over we will run it through our software and tweak it for you! Simple. If you need more scans no problem just let us know.

Price is starting price for scans, Price varies depending on the amount of scans · 2 hours

Cover Letter

Most employers will not ask you for a cover letter, but its good to have one to go along with your resume. NOTE_GEEK can provide you with a sleek and impressive cover letter that will highlight your experience in a new and improved way.

$28 · 2 hours

LinkedIn Page

Employers are going digital and there is no need to be left in the dust. Let NOTE_GEEK create you a professional LinkedIn page to help you network.

$80 · 3 hours 30 minutes

Proofreading & Consulting

Have your own resume or cover letter and just need a professional to review it? The NOTE_GEEK can assist you in this area. We use specialized software to scan resumes and cover letters to ensure the best quality. We correct any inconsistent grammar that may be in your resume by providing you with 1 hour consultation on how to correct your resume.

$68 · 1 hour

Virtual Mock Interviews

NOTE_GEEK is committed to ensuring that clients are well prepared for the interview. We provide a one on one practice session with you and go over FAQs; we practice as if you are in the interview. We provide secret tips you can use in the interview to boost your chances of going to the next round. Also, we email you a copy of our secret tip booklet to help you continue your practice after the virtual mock interview.

$115 · 1 hour 30 minutes


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