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Thank you for taking another step in your journey of believing in yourself! Before we get started on unpacking your truths as it relates to your entrepreneurial journey, I would like to gather some more information about who you are and the services you are looking for. At NO COST to you, book your informational session today. Informational: Session will take place by phone!

Free · 20 minutes

Initial Coaching Session

This is your opportunity to start discussing and developing ideas and strategies to achieve your short-term and/or long-term goals. Through a customized approach based on the information gathered during your intake, you and I will begin exploring your possibilities, fears, and resources that you can utilize as you plan your next steps in moving forward in life personally, professionally, mentally, socially, and/or as an entrepreneur. Whether you want to start your own business/brand, increase your clientele, develop community partnerships, determine your passion, explore strategic tangible next steps, etc.; this is our initial starting point. Initial Session: In-person Service

Starting at $50 · 45 minutes

Continued Coaching Sessions

Thank you for your continued commitment to self. You have determined next steps in your process of achieving your short-term and long-term goals and are putting in the work! Continued Session Options: 1. In-person 2. Phone Call 3. Virtual Please Note: If you have not booked both a free "Informational" or an "Initial Session", please do so PRIOR to booking the "Continued Coaching Session". Failure to do so will result in you participating in an informational or initial session and delay your continued process. Sessions are designed to build off of each other, skipping steps are not suggested.

Price Varies · 45 minutes


Bernadine (Truth) is the proud founder of the consulting company and brand: Know Your Truths. Speak Your Truths™. Understanding and empathizing with the challenges people face in life by living in silence; Bernadine aims to inspire all to unapologetically identify, own, and communicate their personal narratives and life perspectives authentically, genuinely, and transparently through her delivery as a motivational speaker, blogger, spoken word artist, workshop facilitator and consultant. Her professional and personal career revolves around education, human connectedness, and the elements associated with persisting in life; in-spite of challenges that intertwine with ones intersectionalities. Focusing on the entrepreneurial experience is only one entity of Bernadine's commitment to the people.