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New Patient - NY Consultation

Bring your ID and any medical records you have relating to your qualifying condition. If you don't have medical records, you can bring in your doctor's information and we can help you request them. We do not accept insurance, but we try to keep our prices low. The fee is $150 to get certified for MMJ in NY for one full year.

$150 · 30 minutes

Emotional Support Animal Evaluation New Patient

Includes price of consultation, letter for housing & airlines, necessary paperwork for requested airline or apartment.

2 Options

Emotional Support Animal Returning Patient

For patient who had prior emotional support animal evaluation & documentation. Includes followup with physician, letter for housing & airlines, and an additional paperwork required by airline & housing. (paperwork must be one page)

2 Options

Renewal NY Certification

Book an office visit, or renew your certification online with us, just use the following link: After you fill out the info and make the payment, the doctor will call you for an evaluation. After that we'll email you the certification. The fee is $150 to get re-certified for MMJ in NY for one full year.

$150 · 30 minutes

Dr. Sean Darcy

Sean Darcy has been practicing medicine since 2009. He started specializing in medical marijuana soon afterward.