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Beard shaping with razor or trimmers on cheeks and neck. Which ever is better you and your skin. 馃檪

$25 路 30 minutes

Head Shave

Hot towel shave

$40 路 30 minutes

Haircut and Beardtrim

60 $65 路 1 hour

Bald/Skin Fade

Haircut tailored to you with a razor or shaver as the starting point.

$40 路 45 minutes


$10 per spot. Ear, nose, and/or brows $10 路 15 minutes

Buzz Cut

This is a cut using the same clipper number over the entire head, finished with a hot towel and line up with a razor. You can also book this if you just want ONLY a line up, and tapered neck. IF You book this and end up asking for a FULL HAIRCUT you will be charged for a haircut.

$25 路 30 minutes

Buzz Cut and Beardtrim

$50 路 30 minutes

Long haircut

Customized haircut for hair that is longer then shoulder length. This cut does not come with blow dry.

$50 路 45 minutes

Scalp Treatment

Shampoo and scalp massage to remove excess build up.

10.00 $10 路 15 minutes

Haircut and Scalp Treatment

$50 路 1 hour

The Beard Works

Beard shampoo, condition treatment and shaping. Finished with the straight razor.

35.00 $35 路 30 minutes

Haircut and The Beard Works

75.00 $75 路 1 hour

Haircut and Shave

$80 路 1 hour

The Works

Haircut/Head Shave, The Beard Works, And Scalp Treatment

85.00 $85 路 1 hour 30 minutes


Hot towel shave,

$40 路 45 minutes


Haircut tailored to you. Short cuts will have a razor and hot towel finish.

$40 路 30 minutes


Letitia Caruso-cook