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Physical Therapy In-Person Evaluation

Do you have a persistent, nagging injury? Are you having a hard time attaining your next goal? Through a thorough evaluation, Dr. Janet will be able to identify faulty movement patterns and provide clear instructions to get you results to attain your next goal. With 10 years experience of injury rehabilitation, she have been able to help numerous athletes return to their sport injury free and moving better then before.

$180 · 55 minutes

Physical Therapy In-Person Follow Up

Follow up sessions are made as needed to progress towards your goal. An assessment will be made on improvements and areas which require continued care. As movement pattern changes, considerations for body compensations will also be made. You will receive a brief summary with recommended progressions.

$180 · 55 minutes

Running Analysis In-Person

This is a concise personalized running analysis will provide information needed to optimize form and reduce injury. During your appointment, you will received real time analysis and feedback on how to make corrections to your form. After your appointment, you will receive a detailed analysis of the deviations in your running form. This includes a summary of your form and how it contributes to injury and/or the risk for future injury. Included is a comprehensive traditional strengthening program and a tri-planar program. This including strength, balance and improve neuromuscular control.

$180 · 55 minutes

Physical Therapy Remote Initial Consultation 55 minutes

Do you have a history of running related injuries? A consultation from Janet will assess the root cause of the injury. This is a 55 minute consultation service to provide an assessment and recommend exercises. A PDF will be sent within 48 hours.

$120 · 55 minutes

Physical Therapy Remote Follow Up Consultation 55 minutes

For some one with extensive injury background, you want to allow yourself another 55 minutes to follow up on your progress. This will allow adequate time to answer questions and perform further movement re-education.

$120 · 55 minutes

Physical Therapy Remote Follow Up Consultation 25 minutes

Do you want solutions to your running injuries? This allows Janet to help guide you through your running injury. You will received a PFD which summaries the assessment and treatment. It's ideal for new injuries, reoccurring injuries is more suited for 55 minute consult.

$60 · 25 minutes

Physical Therapy Remote Initial Consultation 25 minutes

Schedule a 25 minutes consultation with Dr. Janet for a single injury or recent onset of an injury. She can answer your questions and guide you to the appropriate plan of care, including ( but not limited to) taping, stretches, exercises and self manual techniques. A summary of the plan will be sent via email.

$60 · 25 minutes


Janet Yiu