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Video Session (30 mins)

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Clarity Session (30 mins)

FREE 30 min session with Master Life Coach Lindsey Welch to help you gain clarity on your goals and determine if life coaching would be beneficial to you.

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Life Coaching (30 min)

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Life Coaching (45 mins)

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Life Coaching (60 mins)

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LYRA Video Session (45 mins)

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Video Session (60 mins) with Elysia Easton

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Video Session (45 mins)

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Video Session (60 mins)

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Video Session Couples (60 mins)

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Phone Session (30 mins)

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Phone Session (45 mins)

$103 · 45 minutes

Phone Session (60 mins)

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Email (Week of Service)

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Consultation (Phone or Video) (15 mins)

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Elysia Easton

Elysia believes in promoting individual growth with consideration for the diversity of clients. She is committed to fostering the counselor-client relationship through respect and empowerment, while learning and growing in her own understanding of the issues that face each client. Elysia wants to accompany each client as they come into closer contact with aspects of their personal identity and experience, to help clients perceive new ways of moving forward that are in alignment with their own values.

Kelli Jones

Via phone, video, and email-based therapy, I am able to provide counseling support to individuals who are transitioning through a life challenge. Email-based counseling is a unique and convenient service. Via these encrypted email messages, I am able to conduct a needs assessment, establish goals, and share ideas, strategies and homework with you. Email counseling is self-paced. You can take as little or as long as you need to process through information, complete homework assignments, and share feedback. Each of these email exchanges serves as a mini counseling session & are yours to keep. Email counseling is also convenient. You are able to write to me whenever it is convenient for your schedule. Perhaps you have time in the early morning, over your lunch break, or late at night. I guarantee to respond to your messages within 24 hours Monday through Friday. This allows for frequent (even daily) interaction and support.


Lindsey Welch

Lindsey is a Master Life Coach who has a passion for helping individuals and families. She is passionate about helping clients overcome personal adversity and reach their life and health goals through guidance and accountability. Lindsey’s areas of speciality include: lifestyle change, work/life balance, stress management, exercise management, health and nutrition as well as pre and/or postpartum adjustment. Through work with Lindsey, clients gain personal acceptance in the midst of difficult relationships and/or life circumstances, increased belief in themselves, improved physical and mental health, etc. Lindsey received her Bachelor of Arts degree in Sports and Recreation Management followed by her Master of Arts in Organizational Management with a specialization in Organizational Leadership. Lindsey is also a certified Master Life Coach with specialization in goal success, happiness, life purpose, and professional purpose. Lindsey is able to work with clients worldwide.

Wendy Galyen

Wendy is one of the pre-eminent online therapists in the nation. She was one of the first counselors to bring online therapy services to clients across Indiana and has now expanded her practice to serve resident of Florida as well. Through her innovative use of technology and upbeat personality, Wendy is able to connect with clients in unique and engaging ways to help them meet their counseling goals. Wendy’s counseling approach is based on her belief in “empowering clients to thrive, not just survive.” As a Licensed Clinical Social Worker and Board Certified Telemental Health Provider with 16 years of experience, Wendy is uniquely able to meet the needs of individuals, couples, families, and children. With a good rapport and regular interaction, clients are able to make efficient progress in online counseling. Wendy’s personal counseling style is conversational, empathetic, non-judgmental, compassionate and individualized.