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Step In 2 Your Journey Accountability Coaching

4 - One Hour Accountability Coaching Sessions for clients enrolled in the Our Journey 360 Fitness Program. This option will schedule your first Accountability Coaching session of the program. The initial $200 payment is your non-refundable deposit for the full Our Journey 360 Fitness Program (priced at $1200), which gives you access to: * 4 Hours of Accountability Coaching with StepIn2Purpose Consulting (Virtual) * 24 Personal Training Sessions (In-Person & Virtual) * 8 hrs of Nutrition Education (In Person & Virtual) * 60 Day Meal Plan * Access to a variety of holistic, well-being focused virtual and group classes A payment plan for the remaining balance of $1000 will be created when you schedule your fitness assessment with Our Journey. Upon sign up, you’ll receive an email scheduling your Personal Training Evaluation session with Our Journey Fitness and outlining your next steps! After you have completed your 4 included coaching sessions, you may purchase and schedule additional 1-hour sessions using the "Post-Program Accountability Coaching Session - Step In 2 Your Journey" option.

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Accountability Coaching - Our Journey Fitness

Accountability Coaching Sessions for members of Our Journey Fitness

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Shed the Shell Accountability Coaching

If you're ready to start the journey to abandoning your comfort zone, shedding your shell, and stepping into your future, these Shed the Shell Accountability Coaching Sessions are for YOU! Tailored to help you clarify your goals, define the steps needed to achieve them, identify the mental blocks or skillset gaps that are holding you back, and create an action plan to help you WIN.

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Andrea St. Louis