Resilience RX, LLC

We empower athletes to build resilience and strength in order to conquer their fitness goals.

Resilience RX provides high quality wellness services, physical therapy, personal training, and performance programming in a transparent, efficient, and compassionate manner.
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Our Services

Physical Therapy - 55 minutes
Evaluation or follow-up session with a licensed physical therapist to get you back doing what you are passionate about
Telehealth Visit
A 55-minute virtual visit from the comfort of your own home or office focused on examination, exercise-prescription, movement assessment, and problem-solving to get you back to doing what you love
Physical Therapy - 25 minutes
Dry needling touch-up with quick exercise review - available only after an initial evaluation and only at CrossFit Rohkeus
Craniosacral Session - 55 min
A relaxing, light touch massage that interacts with the nervous system. It improves discomfort and symptoms from car accidents, whiplash, migraines, and post-concussive syndrome.
Personal Training
Comprehensive fitness assessment or follow-up visit tailored to your goals
Discovery Visit
Do you have some nagging pain that's been bothering you? Are you avoiding doing certain things you love because of pain or fear of injury? Are you unsure if physical therapy can help?  Sign up for a free discovery visit! We will answer your questions, take a look at what's bothering you, and give you an honest assessment of whether or not physical therapy can help. If it can, we'll get you back on track to doing what you love! 
CrossFit Coach - Free Evaluation
Free evaluation for anyone who has at least an L1 from CrossFit.
Discussion including exercise instruction, physical assessment, environment/equipment assessment, nutrition, goals, and any other questions that may arise. Service will automatically book for 1 hour. Price is $50/half hour and time is rounded up to the next 15 minute interval. Email if you have any questions or want to schedule more or less time.

Our Staff

Dr. Sarah Sawall
Sarah believes life is meant to be experienced. Injury or pain should not hold you back from doing what you love. She is passionate about combining her professional knowledge and personal experience to help you return to what you enjoy.