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Initial Consultation

Initial Consultation - we sit together for 1-1.5 hours gathering information to create a picture of your health. Including your concerns, family history, your health history and your current state of being including your physical, and emotional health. Working with the belief that our bodies are intelligent and seek balance, I work with you supporting your body’s search for equilibrium, vibrancy and health. A health plan will be tailored to fit you that includes herbal medicines, holistic nutrition, resources and lifestyle recommendations. 
 Following the appointment, I am available via email if you have any questions or concerns. Sometimes I will take the evening to do some extra research about your specific case, and make a tailored formula that will be available for pick up within two days.

Starting at $45 · 1 hour 15 minutes

Follow up Appointment

Follow Up Appointments - to assess the treatment, reformulate if necessary and allow time to answer any questions that have arisen.

Starting at $35 · 30 minutes

Rebecca Singer