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Botox Injection Appointment

20 Units for $147

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Lip Injection Appointment

Restylane and Versa Plus ON SALE NOW! $447 p/ syringe (Reg. $650)

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Teeth Whitening

Teeth Whitening Treatment We typically see 2 – 8 shades improvement in the first session: then 1-3 shades in follow-up sessions. *Individual results vary, depending on your genetics, what type of stain you have (yellow=easiest to remove, brown somewhat more difficult to remove, gray=difficult may require a series of treatments), and how thick your enamel is.

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Medical Cannabis - Card Appointment

Scheduled patients are required to bring a copy of their medical/ health care records supporting qualifying condition, (unless patient is able access their electronic medical records) and present documentation to Physician at time of their scheduled appointment. Patients will not be seen by the Medical Provider, without having a copy of their medical/ health care records, or if they are unable access their medical records electronically. Healthcare records from any of the following are acceptable -Physician- MD, DO, APRN, PA -Mental Healthcare Provider- Psychiatrist, Doctorate Psychologist, a Doctorate Licensed Clinical Social Worker, or a Psych APRN -Other Healthcare Professionals: Chiropractor, Massage Therapist, Acupuncturist, Physical Therapist, Occupational Therapist, etc.

$250 · 25 minutes

Medical Cannabis - Phone Consult

Phone consultation to determine cannabis card eligibility in Utah.

Free · 10 minutes


COVID-19 15 minute-RESULTS

$110 · 15 minutes

Medical Weight Loss- Lose 25-40 lbs in 43 days

New Wave Weight Loss Reset Your Metabolism Lose 25-40+ lbs in 43 days and KEEP IT OFF! 100 % Natural & Safe Money Back Guarantee* -No Exercise Required -No Medications -No Hormones -No Calorie Counting -No Prepackaged Food -No Starving Yourself

Free · 45 minutes

Red Light Treatment

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Testosterone Physician Consult

Physician Consultation Includes: -Medical history and symptom review -Labs ordered or Labs Review -Individualized Testosterone Therapy plan Appointment Discounts: *Lab work done in the last 3-4 months ( -$40 off consultation price) *Transferring from another TRT Provider ( -$25 off consultation price)

30 minutes

Ketamine Consultation

Free · 30 minutes

Chemical Peel - Ageless Vitamin-A

BUILD-UP HAPPENS. The Vitamin A Peel IMPROVES fine lines and wrinkles, it’s great for pigmentation, brown spots, uneven skin tone, skin build up, erases natural aging, and conquers acne prone skin. So basically, it rewinds your face and gives you a chance for a completely fresh appearance! When you look like you've conquered the world, you feel like you can conquer the world. And then you handle it like a boss.

$125 · 45 minutes

Chemical Peel - Radiance TCA

Glymed Plus TCA Peel provides an aggressive, medium chemical exfoliation to reduce melasma, sun damage, post inflammatory hyperpigmentation, superficial blemishes, and post acne scars. Look and feel absolutely radiant with one of the most popular peels out there!

$100 · 45 minutes

Chemical Peel - Jessner

ACNE HAS NO CHANCE. The Jessner Peel ELIMINATES blackheads, whiteheads, redness, scarring, persistent oil, prevents clogging and is literally a game changer. Yes, I said that all in one breathe. Stop buying lifelong creams that do EXACTLY what a chemical peel can do in 10 days. It's more affordable and can last years!

$115 · 45 minutes

Medical Cannabis - In Office Consult

In office consultation with our patient advocate, to determine cannabis card eligibility in Utah.

Free · 30 minutes

NewWave Client Coaching Call

New Wave Client Coaching Support Call

Free · 10 minutes




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