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Free Discovery Video Consultation

This is your first step if you haven't had Reiki with me before. I offer my future clients a complimentary consultation so that I can get to know you - and you me! We want to be "a good fit" to do this important work together. You will receive a confirmation email to include further information about our call.

30 minutes

Initial In-Person Reiki Session

After your free consultation with me, this is your first Reiki session appointment to schedule. Your first Reiki session with me will be 1 hour 45 mins to 2 hours. We will do an intake prior to the session and after the session have time for questions, share about the experience and talk about self-care moving forward.

$135 · 2 hours

Reiki Session - In Person

Prior to this session, I recommend the 2 hour Initial In-Person Reiki Session with Kat if you are new to Reiki. You will have 1 1/2 hours for initial follow-up, Reiki session and sharing about the experience and setting self-care goals.

$115 · 1 hour 30 minutes

Distance Reiki Session

Distance Reiki is scheduled at a mutually convenient time when you can be preferably lying down, at least during a time when you can sit in meditation or relax with out any distractions for 30 minutes. A brief follow phone call after the session is included. Payment is required at the time of scheduling the appointment. Cancellations refunded with 24 hour notice prior to the scheduled session. Reschedules are also honored 24 hours in advance with full transfer of payment.

$55 · 45 minutes


Katherine Sullivan