Fil Falcon is a professional golf teacher. He specializes in helping beginners understand the golf swing and makes it easy to learn.
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Fil Falcon
Teaching Philosophy I am a firm believer in teaching the golf swing from the ground up. If you have a solid foundation the swing will come naturally. I usually start my lessons with the legs and work my way up. I see many beginners struggling to hit the golf ball properly. As a result it becomes frustrating and eventually the player moves on. One of the main causes of beginners not playing as much golf is due to lack of skill and practice. Teaching students how to hit the ball with confidence will enable them to enjoy golf more readily. As a teacher I try not to overwhelm my students. I achieve this by drills and correct repetition. Unlike many golf instructors, I do not try to force a particular golf swing model on all of my students. I understand that everyone is built differently and that each person has their own personal preferences. All of my lessons are custom built based on the swing style and swing plane of the student.