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Two hours of pure nurturing & restorative mind, body, spirit connection, alignment & nourishment. This package includes the AromaTouch Massage, Aromatherapy Hand & Forearm Massage & Vision Card Reading. You will leave feeling completely relaxed, at peace & as though you are walking on air. You can expect to feel as though you have ‘left behind’ anything that no longer serves you & leave with an enlightened feeling .. being at one with your mind, body & spirit.

$180 · 2 hours

AromaTouch Massage

A deeply relaxing, nourishing & healing personalised Aromatherapy treatment that nourishes & completely aligns your mind, body & spirit connection. On arrival, your feet will soak in a warm Epsom salt balancing foot soak, while sipping on a freshly brewed cup of loose leaf green & jasmine tea. We take time to connect & discuss how you are energetically feeling, & how it may be presenting in your body physically. The time we create here for connection here allows me to energetically see how I can better support you & your needs during your treatment. You then move over to the massage table, where I combine traditional AromaTouch practices, targeted muscular tension release techniques & a head & scalp massage to achieve homeostasis for your mind, body & spirit. AromaTouch is a therapeutic massage technique that works with your energy centres & meridian contact points along both your back & your feet. This customised & unique treatment will enable your whole mind, body & spirit to come into full alignment.

$109 · 1 hour

Chakra Energy Clearing

Balance all seven of your Chakra centres with an energetic clearing & balancing treatment that uses a combination of Essential Oils, Crystal & Intuitive Healing practices. Starting at the Root Chakra crystals are placed on each Chakra centre. The energy, intention & affirmation is set for each centre. Crystals are then removed & you will enjoy a slow rhythmic back massage utilising a range of Essential Oils. The crystals are again placed along your seven Chakra centres, with the energy, intention & affirmation set again for each centre.. completing the energetic clearing & balancing of all seven Chakra centres. My gifts for you : Crystal: You can choose to let your intuition select a crystal or I can recommend a crystal depending on what I have energetically received during your treatment .. this will continue to support you in the days or weeks ahead. Affirmations Sheet: You will also receive a list of seven affirmations, one for each of the Chakra centres.

$89 · 45 minutes

Crystal Healing (Physical Wellbeing)

A magical, highly effective energy clearing & balancing treatment utilising seven purposely selected crystals that are placed in a ‘grid’ formation around your body. Prior to settling into your crystal healing session, your energy field is scanned & a ‘sweep’ performed using a selenite crystal wand. This helps to clear your energy field & prepare you to receive maximum benefits from the physical wellbeing crystal grid layout. Sound healing in the form of shamanic drumming will also be played throughout your 30minute crystal healing treatment. My gift to you : Crystal: You can choose to let your intuition select a crystal or I can recommend a crystal depending on what I have energetically received during your treatment .. this will continue to support you in the days or weeks ahead.

$72 · 30 minutes

Aromatherapy Hand & Forearm Massage

Did you know there are ‘mini’ chakra points in your hands? There are seven secondary Chakras located in the palm – one in the wrist point, one in the middle of the palm, and the other five secondary chakras in each thumb and finger! Depending on how you are feeling & what you are physically experiencing, I intentionally select three Essential Oils that I feel will support your needs. With your eyes closed, I pass each bottle under your nose allowing your intuition to choose the Essential Oil that will best support you in this treatment. This is the oil that is then massaged into your inner & outer forearms, palms & fingers. This calming, relaxing hand massage uses slight pressure to methodically massage the Chakra & meridian contacts points of each hand & forearm. A truly divine addition to your AromaTouch Massage!

$35 · 30 minutes

Vision Card Reading

Would you like a little guidance or direction on your emotional, spiritual &/or energetic healing journey? Your emotional alchemy? Alchemy “is a power or process that creates or transforms something in such a way it seems like magic!” This reading is an intuitive, empowering & incredible tool to use in your visioning & manifesting .. giving you knowledge, wisdom & an inner connection to your intuition! Activate your intuition & support yourself on your path of emotional & energetic transformation! The wisdom in the tools used in this practice aids you to enter into a transformational journey that can change your life! * If you have selected this reading as part of a longer visit, it will be completed at the start of your appointment*

$42 · 30 minutes

Mindful Healing (4x 20-minute sessions)

A simple & effective 'application' massage using essential oils to bring harmony physically, emotionally & spiritually within the body. There is an ‘application’ to address any specific system &/or area of the body, allowing for a targeted approach to the symptoms & underlying causes of many ailments & illnesses. If you are ready to do the ‘shadow work’, go deep into your healing & release the stagnant energy blockages within your mind, body & spirit .. This is the treatment for you! Body Systems: digestive, immune, respiratory, circulatory & cardiovascular, urinary, endocrine, nervous, skeletal muscular & connective, emotional & limbic. This method of application is fully endorsed by the National Certification Board for Therapeutic Massage & Body Work. *I do recommend these treatments for existing clients, however, if you would like to get in touch with me to discuss further, you are most welcome* NOTE: You are buying four (4) 20-minute sessions, and are booking the first (1) of your sessions. The other three (3) sessions will be booked at this first treatment.

$180 · 20 minutes


Alice Gratton