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Personal Income Tax Return (1040)

We provide assistance in the preparation and filing of Federal Income tax, State income taxes for Individuals. Premier Tax has extensive experience with aggressive tax planning using a variety of traditional and nontraditional planning techniques to achieve better tax results for resident/non residents (1040/1040NR) tax payers. Our knowledge and experience rank us among the New York’s top tax firms. But what really sets us apart can’t be captured on a resume. Explore our broad range of tax services. You'll soon discover how we are ready to work with you to manage the risks and opportunities of the fast-changing world of tax.

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In the United States, the limited liability company (LLC) is a fairly new concept in business organization. Though still not accepted in all states, it serves as a unique alternative to traditional legal and tax ways of doing business; like sole proprietorships, partnerships, and S corporations, the business profits and losses of an LLC are taxed at individuals’ income tax rates. You will avoid a corporation’s double taxation, where taxes are reported at a separate business level. Call our business consultants today to setup an LLC.

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Corporation Tax Preparation

We file over 450 corporate tax returns every year and perform a broad range of accounting services encompassing audits, reviews, compilations, financial forecasts and projections. We cater the requirements of individuals as well as independent business firms, providing a comprehensive and methodological tax consultation, preparation and budget management facilitating the true value of professionalism in the setting up and maintenance of your account systems.

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Business Services-Setup New Business

“Good business leaders genuinely create a vision, articulate the vision, passionately own that vision and relentlessly drive it to fulfilment.” Business Strategy solutions assist clients with the process of articulation, validation and deployment of business strategies. We focus on guiding clients through the process of making strategic choices that have the greatest potential to deliver both short-term results and long-term value inducting Corporate Strategy, Pricing Strategy, Global Process Optimisation and Customer Segmentation. We have incorporated thousands of small business corporations already in the Tri-State area and our staff is very experienced in forming new business/corporation within 3 business days along with the Internal Revenue Service’s Tax Identification number. We offer the corp. minutes, seal and corporate binder for free of cost.

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I.T.I.N - Individual Taxpayer Identification Number

PREMIER is licensed I.R.S Certified Acceptance Agent. An Individual Taxpayer Identification Number (ITIN) is a tax processing number issued by the Internal Revenue Service. It is a nine-digit number that always begins with the number 9 and has a 7 or 8 in the fourth digit, for example 9XX-7X-XXX IRS issues ITINs to individuals who are required to have a U.S. taxpayer identification number but do not have, and are not eligible to obtain a Social Security Number (SSN) from the Social Security Administration (SSA). ITINs are issued regardless of immigration status because both resident and non-resident aliens may have U.S. tax return and payment responsibilities under the Internal Revenue Code.

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Extension of Time to File Tax Return (Personal/Business)

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Trust & Estate Planning

Estate planning is extremely important because it is your way of knowing that your heirs will be properly provided and cared for according to your wishes. We handle all aspects of estate planning, including drafting wills and trusts, planning to minimize the estate tax, dealing with issues of the trust and estate administration. We walk our clients through the estate planning process, from analyzing a family’s financial circumstances and we draft estate plans for a wide range of clients, from young families with children senior citizens’, and to business owners.

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Financial Planning

From individual tax planning services to complex corporate consulting engagements, we are ready and able to be your full service accounting firm through out the year. Premier Tax focuses on every opportunity that the clients can access to minimize their taxes within the framework of US laws. In the course of our services we obtain information that enables us to identify internal control risks and potential business problems and to provide sound advice on financial management.

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Auditing & Accounting Services

We have a handful of experienced and efficient auditors handling IRS/State audits offering you the tools, expertise and resources you need at tax time with their best advices at your disposal anytime. Effective compliance and open, transparent reporting are the foundations of a successful tax function. Tax strategies that align with the needs of your business and recognize the potential of change are crucial to sustainable growth. We assist businesses, individuals and organizations with tax strategy, planning, and compliance, whilst also delivering a wide range of business advisory services with dedicated tax professionals. We believe in being a leader to find innovative accounting or audit solutions.

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Client Documents Pickup

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Notary Public

There are a number of official documents that require a notarized signature. Only a Notary can perform this service. The Notary witnesses your signature and verifies that s/he confirmed your identity and that you were the person who signed the document. One of the most common times individuals encounter notaries is during a closing on a house. Home mortgage closings feature a number of legal documents which must be signed, and those signatures must be witnessed. A Notary Public can witness and certify the signatures on these important documents.

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