As a certified Nutritional Therapy Practitioner, I will help you regain your health through whole foods nutrition, blood sugar regulation, and digestive support. I'll help you sort through all the confusing, contradictory health and nutrition advice and come up with a plan based on your unique bio-individuality. Through an in-depth health history, nutritional assessment questionnaire, food journal review and specific testing; we will get to the root cause of your health concerns. I offer personalized protocols for each client to effectively improve their lifestyle and health.
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Discovery call
Option 2
This program is for the individual that needs to make big changes! They may need to restore gut health (gut on fire = brain on fire), their hormones may be a mess (hangry, tired, abdominal fat and energy dips), or they are dealing with a diagnosis or autoimmune disorder, dementia, metabolic syndrome, skin disorders and they are wanting to dive deep! We will do all the steps the initial consultation offers but add many more check-ins, educational pieces and suggestions that can make a huge change in health outcomes. I want to meet with you before suggesting which diagnostic testing to do. ​ 6 - 45 min Consults meeting every other week - unlimited email support - weekly check-ins - 2 re-assessment evaluation - 15 minute- post follow-up phone consult - diagnostic testing (price of tests not included in package but I give you my discounted price) - 20% all supplements in my Fullscript store - this will bring you through a full 3-4 months of implementing a protocol Investment = $680.00
Option 1
This program is for the individual who is looking to fine tune their health or have been working on lifestyle changes but feel they can't quite get to their goal. They are looking for the missing piece of the puzzle. Or you have already done some testing with another practitioner but didn't achieve the goal you were hoping for.  ​ We will start with everything included in the initial consultation, discuss opportunities where we can tweak what you are currently doing or add in additional lab testing that might reveal the missing piece. 3 - 45 min Consults meeting every other week - unlimited email support - weekly check-ins - re-assessment evaluation - 15 minute- post follow-up phone consult - optional add-on diagnostic testing Investment = $335.00 *consults need to be used within 2 months of purchase
Initial Consultation
All programs begin with a comprehensive look into your health history, current symptoms, food strategies and health goals. This investigation helps us begin to understand the root causes of your health imbalances and helps us decide what the appropriate course of action will be for you moving forward. We will discuss what dietary and lifestyle improvements you can make to start feeling better. Before this session, clients will complete an in-depth health history questionnaire, a comprehensive symptoms questionnaire and a 5-day food journal and we will review each one in detail during the session. We will discuss if lab testing is appropriate and decide on what the appropriate action will be to help attain your health goals. At this appointment you can how in-depth you want to go with your health by selecting option 1, 2 or to follow-up on an as needed basis. Investment = $125.00
Ala Carte Consult
Individual 1 hour consult.
Customized Supplement Protocol
I will create a protocol based on a Nutritional Assessment Questionnaire that I will send you to fill out. Answering VERY detailed questions about digestion, sugar handling, vitamin/mineral, and diet/lifestyle will allow me to put a supplement protocol that is individualized for you. You will receive the protocol through fullscript, my on-line store where you can order them directly.
Follow-Up Consults
Package of 3, 1 hour consults for those who have completed Option 2 (protocol) and need additional help.

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