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Telemedicine Problem Focused Visit

Telemedicine is billed to insurance and Medicare like In Clinic visits. Telemedicine visits are scheduled on Tuesdays or Thursdays for issues that don't require an exam, problems that arise on non- clinic days, or it is difficult to come to the clinic. To schedule, these appointments, call or text me at 970-403-8812.

30 minutes

Prevention Medicare Telemedicine Visit

Annual Prevention Medicare Visit that includes review of your medical record, ordering medication refills and testing due. Preference is to do an in clinic visit, but due to Covid 19 pandemic, you may choose to schedule this instead.

Free ยท 1 hour

Telemed Extended Problem Focused or Consultation Visit

We continue to bill insurance and Medicare. Extended visit 45 - 60 minutes for consultation or more involved problem or issue.

45 minutes


Debbie Meyers, CNP, MS