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Attention! Effective Feb 1st 2020 price changes and package updates. Please select the package service that best describes what you will be requesting to allow the proper time needed to complete your service. You may select multiple packages or add children without having to repeat the booking process. There is a $10 no call no show fee. So if you can't make your appointment please let me know and you will not be charged at your next appointment.

To help me stay on schedule please select all services you want done. I will not be able to add more services during your appointment. You will need to schedule another appointment to come back for the additional service such as eyebrow shaping/beard trims. This ensures I have the right amount of time you deserve to get your service done correctly.

Thank you for booking with me online!
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Our Services

Some people prefer wax. This is not a waxing service. Though we offer waxing in the shop, I do my eyebrow shaping and sculpting with a straight razor.
Beard trim / Outline
This service can be added to any service or be a single service.
Kids 0-8th grade,Military,Fire department
This service is for any student or military personnel ( active or inactive). This is any of the basic haircuts and does not include razor fades, flat tops, or specialty designs.
Razor fade/ Flat top
Razor fade is when the sides and back of your head is shaved with straight razor or similar type razor shave experience. This is not the usual shave around the neck and ears. Flat tops are another specialty cut requiring great time and detail to achieve the desired look.
Anyone over the age of 60 or retired is in this category. This is any basic haircut and does not include razor fades, flat tops or other specialty work.
Cut and hot facial shave
This is a combination of any basic haircut and facial shave service. This does not include specialty haircuts such as razor fades or flat tops.
Facial shave
This service requires that you be in a reclined position. A hot towel will be set over your face to allow the hair and skin to soften, making for a much more pleasant shave and experience. Only the nose will be exposed during the hot towel treatment, to allow for effective and comfortable breathing. Warm shaving cream or gel is applied. Then the facial area requested to be shaved is shaved using a straight razor.
Men’s cut
Any person over the age of 18 or graduated from high school. This covers any of the basic haircuts. This does not include razor fades, flat tops or specialty work.
High school students

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