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30-Minute Intuitive Reading, Channeling or Mediumship

Ask about family patterns, relationships, or their professional life. Akasha is the Sanskrit term for "space" or "æther". The Akashic Records are a vibrational record of all possibilities throughout all time and space. They contain all recordings of everything that has happened or will happen within our Universe. Your thoughts and feelings are vibrations that are sent out into the Quantum Field, the energy of all possibilities and all potential. It is a space of nothingness, where you feel love and connection. Here are some ideas: - Which patterns are holding me back from realizing my fullest potential? - How has this pattern affected my relationships? - Where did this Karmic pattern or Karmic tie originate? - What can I learn from my current life situation? - What else do I need to know to experience the deepest healing? - What do I get out of having this pattern in my relationships? All you need are: - A quiet space where you can relax for one hour - An Internet connection and Zoom on your phone or computer - Speakers or headphones for the sound bath - Water for detoxification - Awareness that resistance is the strongest before a break-through 30-minute remote session via Zoom. You will receive the meeting link via email Exchange: $70 (instead of $100)

$77 · 30 minutes


Thomas clears happiness and productivity blocks for stressed entrepreneurs fast. After receiving his Masters in Science at the Vienna University of Economics and Business, he worked at tech companies for nine years before accepting his true calling. As an intuitive empath and a highly sensitive person, he ended his lifelong struggles with depression and mood swings (Bipolar II) by perceiving the universe as information in form of intention, attention, and vibration. He is a certified Reiki TUMMO and Crystal Reiki Master and certified by the Qinway Qigong Institute.