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Specializing in luxury individual semi-permanent eyelash extensions.
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Our Services

Upper and Lower Eyelash Tinting
Lower Eyelash Extensions
Complete your look by adding on to any set! Super fine individual lash extensions are placed on lower eyelashes for a full frame. Since the lifespan of the lower eyelashes is shorter than the upper lashes, these typically last anywhere from 1-2 weeks making this a great choice for special events or photographs.
Lower Eyelash Tinting
Add on to a lash extension service to frame the entire eye and go mascara-free! A blue-black semi-permanent tint is applied to the lower lashes giving color and definition. Lasts anywhere from 2-4 weeks and fades naturally.
Complimentary Consultation
Whether you have never had eyelash extensions or you are a lash addict, come on in and let's chat! View the studio, get a consult on which type of eyelash extensions would work beautifully for your eye shape and lifestyle, and get any and all questions answered!
Allergy Test
5-10 lashes are applied to each eye to test sensitivity, with free removal at any scheduled time of your choice. *If you have had reactions in the past, this is a great way to test out the adhesives here at Butterfly Lash Studio. A variety of high quality adhesive is kept on hand to service a range of sensitivities.
Removal of Lash Extensions
All professionally applied eyelash extensions must be professionally removed to protect your natural lash! A gel remover that breaks down the adhesive bonds is applied and extensions slide right off.
New Full Set Lash Extensions (Any Style) 180 minutes
New full sets take anywhere from 2 to 3.5 hours depending on individual natural lashes and style chosen. Feel free to contact me directly with questions or requests on style or we can choose when you arrive for your appointment. 180 minutes allotted
Regular Fill (Any Style) 90 minutes
Usually best to schedule your lash fills every two to three weeks to keep lashes looking fluffy, full, and gorgeous. Time used to complete your lash fill could be anywhere from 45-90 minutes and depends on your natural lash growth rate and other environmental factors. 90 minutes allotted
Half Fill (Any Style) 1 Hour
This is best for those needing a touch up for a special event that falls in between the normal two to three week Regular Fill appointments. Perfects the lash line when it may have been under two weeks after last lash appointment. 1 Hour allotted

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