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Online 1:1 Breathwork Session

For anyone who would like to have a breathworks session via video chat from the comfort of their own home.

$222.88 · 2 hours

Self Limiting Beliefs Clarity Breathwork Session

If you are feeling stuck, or your self talk is toxic or holding you back, this session might be just what you're looking for. This is a 2 hour session dedicated to helping you gain clarity on aspects of your self limiting beliefs. We will uncover your social and family conditioning, as well as how your personal history of experiences have shaped your beliefs about yourself and others. We will then have an hour of breathwork to get into the body and emotional body to begin to unravel and get more connected to the core of who you are. From there we will create a plan for integrating all that's been uncovered and help you foster changes you can build upon.

$222.88 · 2 hours

Career Clarity Breathwork Session

This is a 2 hour session dedicated to helping you gain clarity on aspects of your career, whether it's a career change or pivoting, or discovering how you can get into better alignment with yourself and the work you do.

$222.88 · 2 hours

Relationship and Attachment Clarity Breathwork Session

Want to break old patterns of attachment? Want to have a better relationship to yourself as well as others? This is a 2 hour session dedicated to helping you gain clarity on aspects of your relationships and delving into your patterns of attachment. In this session you will receive one hour of breathwork, and one hour of counseling style talk therapy to get to know what your personal pain points are, as well as integration suggestions after the breathwork to complete the session for greater results.

$222.88 · 2 hours

Online Coaching Session

$100 · 1 hour

Online 1:1 Breathwork Session for package holders

Free · 2 hours

Amanda Asta

Amanda Asta is a Clarity Breathworker, world traveller and lover of life! She is a member of the International Breathwork Foundation, and the World Federation for Mental Health. She has travelled to 30 countries around the globe, and experimented with many different types of healing modalities in her quest to find and craft the most effective solution for healing. She now helps people heal from trauma with Clarity Breathwork and in-depth coaching to guide clients in creating a life they don’t need to take a vacation from. She is passionate about spreading healing and consciousness-raising globally in order to change the world from the inside out. You can connect with her at ​​ or @transcend.breathwork on Instagram.