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Virtual | EMERGENCY | Skin Consultation with Home Remedy

$75 · 45 minutes

virtual | NEW CLIENT | consultation

$95 · 1 hour

virtual | RESPECTED CLIENT | consultation

Our physical doors may be closed, however, we are still here to service you and your skin+wellness needs. A 45-minute virtual | SKIN+WELLNESS | consultation for a respected and established client, via Zoom meeting, which will be confirmed via email. I will visually assess your skin as well as discussing any and all concerns you may be experiencing, as well discussing internal beauty health. In conclusion to our consultation, you will receive a recording as well as an email follow-up attached with education, guidance and discussed resources. - Available for purchase- Bespoke Facial Product Kit can also be customized during our consultation. Bespoke Kits include: 10mL cleanser, 5mL exfoliation, 10mL mask, 5mL serum and 5mL balm. Your kit may also include a gemstone facial roller and facial dry-brush.

$65 · 45 minutes

virtual | SPA PARTY | consultation

Virtual Spa Party.... with your best girlfriends? umm YES PLEASE! Gather and connect 3+ girlfriends while we all have a spa party together. This 60-minute spa-party consultation includes a bespoke facial kit for each guest along with facial demonstration and skincare education discussion. A topic may also be selected for discussion. All spa facial kits will either be mailed or locally delivered prior to your scheduled spa party appointment. An email questionnaire will be sent to each person for assessment and assembly of bespoke facial kits. So call your girlfriends and arrange a Friday or Saturday Spa Party!! $30 per person in group (must be 3+ to book) $40 Bespoke Spa Facial Kit per person (10% discount) - ADDITIONS to Spa Party - + $10 per person for Gua Sha Demonstration + 5 per person for Lymphatic Tool Demonstration (facial gemstone roller and/or facial dry-brush)

$125 · 1 hour

Jamie McDowell