Dear customers, due to COVID-19, we are requiring all customers to wear a mask while in the shops and to maintain a 6-ft distance at all times from shop staff. If you do not feel well, please let us know - we can reschedule your appointment to a more convenient time once you are feeling better. Thanks and stay safe!

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Instrument Drop off

Drop off your instrument to have our pro guitar tech review the instrument, your needs and playing style. Discuss what it will take to deliver the best playability possible. NO MORE THAN [3] INSTRUMENTS AT ONE TIME. No appointment necessary for restrings, please call us first - 415-865-5424.

Free · 15 minutes


Geoff Luttrell

I’ve owned SF Guitarworks since 2001, and have been very lucky to do what I love for a living, and I take great pride in in what we do at our shops. Every day, we make instruments more playable and sound better so their owners can continue to do what they love. But that’s not all! We do it with a smile. My hope is that when you leave either of our shops, SF Guitarworks or Sonoma County Guitarworks, you think “that was awesome!” And if you don’t, I want to hear about it. Over my professional life I have been a machinist, sports car mechanic, bicycle framebuilder, raft guide, kayak instructor, etc… All of the things I did before prepared me for being a guitar tech and luthier. The eye for detail, the technical proficiency, the desire to do things the correct way. I work hard to make things right, and that’s never going to change.