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Gift This Certificate - 1 on 1 Session 60min

The perfect gift for any loved one no matter what they are going through. A tune up healing with guidance to reset, refocus and make positive changes. The recipient can choose either a phone or Zoom session or a healing at the facility. 60mins

Price Varies · 1 hour

Consultation (initial)

Initial Consultation are offered via in-person at facility , online and phone. please put in note which you prefer.

$185 · 1 hour 15 minutes

Gift This Certificate - 1 on 1 Session 75min

The perfect gift for any loved one that you feel is ready for a new direction, some inspiration and to be released from their past. The recipient can choose either a phone or Zoom session or a healing at the clinic. 75 mins of emotional and spiritual pampering!

$185 · 1 hour 15 minutes

Balance your Past, Present & Future

Do you feel like you've veered off track for the moment? Lots of things seemingly going wrong? These 3 intense healing sessions will concentrate on healing your past, while resetting your present and future directions. Topics might include your health, happiness, relationships, career, family, or anything else you need to resolve so you can move forward positively in your life.

$500 · 3 hours 30 minutes

Change Your Life

During these 6 intense healing sessions, we will look at what new direction you are ready to take, and make a plan to align you on all levels to the changes you seek.We will set up a "heal, change and enjoy your life" field of intention to surround you from your first session, tailoring this to exactly what you need to transform within you, and then continue to work daily with your life change intentions for a period of 8 weeks.

$1,300 · 8 hours 30 minutes

Heal Your Bigger Picture

During these 8 healings over the course of 10 weeks, we will work towards healing various aspects of your life and your body.Send me a summary of your medical and/or emotional history and any current treatments that you are using, whether medical or alternative. Also share a written summary of the situations in your life leading up to the onset of your current predicament. If there are relevant childhood difficulties, please briefly outline. It’s important that we know the ages you were when any significant events occurred in your life.

$1,700 · 15 hours 30 minutes

Clear Your Space - 3 Day Distance Healing

Have your house, unit or workplace cleansed and cleared through a distance healing. We will clear energetic intrusions from people and past events, remove ghosts & spirits, install gatekeepers & positive spirals, build an energetic protection grid, correct the feng shui and work with harmonizing the land & lay lines to create an open, clean & functioning space.

$95 · 3 hours 30 minutes

Positivity Makeover- 5 Day Distance Healing

We will focus on reconnecting you with your heart essence and removing obstacles, negativity, wounds and old patterns, so you can move forward with a fresh new readiness and optimism. We will help align you with future goals and bring the fun back into your life!

$185 · 4 hours 30 minutes

Increase Your Intuition - 5 Day Distance Healing

Would you like to be more in touch with your intuition, honour your senses, and believe in your instincts?

$185 · 1 hour 30 minutes

Retrieve Your Confidence - 5 Day Distance Healing

Would you like to shine brighter, feel assertive with others, clear in your thoughts, and trusting of your instincts?

$185 · 3 hours 30 minutes

Relax Your Anxiety - 5 Day Distance Healing

Are you tired of the grip that fear has over you? Doubting the future? This balance will help you get through with more certainty, trust in yourself and union with the plan of life. We will spend five days restoring your coping mechanisms, calming the beats of your heart, soothing your nervous system, while clearing the source of the problem. We will work on unravelling the subconscious scary stories you keep telling yourself.

$185 · 1 hour 30 minutes

Change Your Story - 5 Day Distance Healing

Do you have a painful life story that keeps on repeating? Core wounds are inflicted where you feel deeply hurt by life and those who have betrayed, abandoned and shamed you. The ripple effect of these traumas causes many feelings of fear, loss, and inadequacy...that can repeat year after year, in relationship after relationship.

$185 · 1 hour 30 minutes

Protect Your Soul - 5 Day Distance Healing.

Clear yourself of bad luck, curses, evil eye, spells, entities, negativity, self fulfilling prophecies, parallel lives, past lives or psychic attack.

$185 · 30 minutes

Lift Your Depression - 5 Day Distance Healing

This balance can help you to gain motivation, energy and interest in life again. Start to shift your state of depression to one of expression and hope. When your electromagnetic energy fields hold the vibration similar to that of a low pressure weather system, it can feel like a cloudy rainy day eveyday. Something within you is missing.

$185 · 1 hour 30 minutes

Open To True Love - 5 Day Distance Healing

If you've been searching for love for a long time and feel totally blocked, feel like there is no one for you or that you are attracting the wrong types, this balance is for you.

$185 · 1 hour 30 minutes

Love Your Relationship - 5 Day Distance Healing

Would you like to improve your connection with the one that you love? Has something come between you both and you feel the need for more closeness, trust and intimacy again?

$185 · 1 hour 30 minutes

Reconnect Your Family -10 Day Distance Healing.

This healing is for you and up to 6 other family members. You will need to name and submit photos of each person that you wish to include in the clearing and please show their eyes.We will send healing to each person every weekday for 2 consecutive weeks. This includes the linkages between each individual and a group reconciliation at an unconscious level. You don't have to ask their verbal permission as I will only work with their soul's will.

$400 · 30 minutes

Business Therapy Package

We will build a field of intention around your business and connect it to your heart, your drive and your purpose. The sessions will allow you to ask questions and solve barriers so you can shine brighter, both online and in the world.

$700 · 1 hour 30 minutes

Soul Retrieval

Soul retrieval is the completion of a huge event in your life. For many people, when the soul is retrieved they are finally able to let go of something that once seemed impossible. This is often the case for someone who has lost an aspect of themselves due to a past event or incident in their life that was too traumatic to process at the time.

$240 · 3 hours 30 minutes

Past Life Regression

Sometimes within a session a past life will spontaneously be recognized by either you or our team. When this happens, we recognize what this past life aspect has not been able to let go and help it to find closure on all levels. Once this occurs, the past life will cease to cause triggers in this life and the same recurring patterns can be changed.

$290 · 3 hours 30 minutes

Delores Cannon QHHT

QHHT® is a powerful tool to access that all knowing part of ourselves that has been called The Higher Self, The Oversoul, even the Soul itself. When we incarnate on Earth we forget our previous lives and connection to our souls and The Source. QHHT® enables all people from any background, culture, religion or belief system to engage with what she called The Subconscious, since it resides beyond the conscious mind. Sometimes mental and physical ailments are rooted in trauma from past lives; sometimes they are connected to lessons being learned in a person’s present life. The SC reveals the cause and will assist according to any soul’s particular lessons. By helping thousands of people relive their past lives and heal themselves by using QHHT®, Dolores Cannon discovered a treasure trove of lost knowledge and insights she shared as an author of 19 extraordinary books that cover a myriad of metaphysical concepts and feature historical figures such as Jesus and Nostradamus, as well as Extraterrestrials, UFOs, the origins of life, and The Source of all creation.

$390 · 3 hours 30 minutes

Psychic surgery

Psychic surgery is invisible energy surgery which is channeled from a highly skilled medical guide in spirit. They will utilize our hands to make contact with you and offer a truly powerful healing whereby painful memories are removed, from above your body. It looks like we are pulling invisible strings out of you. They will also remove negative energetic ‘hooks’ that have tied you to other people. Then your energy is ‘knitted’ back together. Sometimes energetic anesthetic is used and so it’s very hard for a person to stay awake. Other times the patient is fully alert and observing the operation. This can occur with distance healings because we don’t have to be beside you.

$120 · 1 hour 5 minutes


Reiki is a form of alternative medicine called energy healing. Reiki Energy Healing is a deeply relaxing healing system that channels Universal Life Force Energy. While treating the person, body, mind soul, and spirit. Using hand on healing or distance . Most people do not realize that you have to take care of your Energetic Body. Just like you take care of your physical, mental and emotional health. From the time of birth we have painful and traumatic experience. Which could be still holding you back. These deeply energetic blocks can be removed through.

$120 · 1 hour 30 minutes

Medical Intuition

Medical intuition is the ability to read the condition of the body using psychic ability. It also involves diagnosing causes of presenting problems and intuiting the healing methods necessary. We can read whether a physical problem is improving or worsening. We can hear the reason for a symptom occurring and dialogue with it telepathically. This way we can find out what the lesson behind the illness is.

$95 · 1 hour 5 minutes

Ancestral Family Tree

This session involves our healer contacting the ancestors of the sick clients to source peace and resolution within the family linage. On many occasions, We have found the source of a problem to be coming from ancestral karma. That means that problems that weren’t resolved by your ancestors can be passed like a baton to you . This session can reassess and help change the soul agreements so that the contract is fair and easier on you.

$240 · 3 hours 30 minutes

Childhood Healing

When childhood circumstances have imprinted on you, it can cause an insecure perspective and limited mindset to develop well beyond the initial impact. Our team can regress your body back to respective ages of your consciousness to alter how your subconscious framed and viewed such events.

$240 · 3 hours 10 minutes

Relationship Healing

We will help you to heal and expand relationships in your life from your family, friends, co-workers, exes, partners, children, ancestors or yourself.

$180 · 2 hours 30 minutes

Shaminic Healing

Occasionally people feel like something has gone wrong with their life and they wonder whether it might be attributed to negative karma, entities, or people from their past who still hold a grudge. Most cultures throughout history have had a belief in bad luck and dark forces, and have sought shamanic ways to overcome such influences.

$320 · 3 hours 30 minutes

Reading and Guidance

As a healers, it is our mission to change the issues that are in the way of where you need to go. If something has been chosen by your soul to occur for good reason, then you can trust that there is purpose in the learning. If however, negative energy is blocking what has been fated, or the fate you wrote long ago just isn’t working – then we can clear and rewrite over that – if your soul permits.

$65 · 45 minutes

Mediumship and Channeling

During a session, a relative or loved one from beyond this world will want to join us to assist your session. This is not through me summoning them, but because they are aware of your session taking place and they choose to show up and bring their unconditional love. When this occurs, We are able to channel their messages and they will explain through me issues that need clarification, understanding and completion for you.

$95 · 1 hour 30 minutes

Follow Up Consultation

Follow Up Consultation are offer via in person at a facility, online or phone. Please put in notes at checkout which you prefer .

Price Varies · 1 hour

Child (0-17) Consultation

Child (0-17) in person at facility

Price Varies · 45 minutes


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