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Eye Exam

Glasses prescription and eye health check

30 minutes

Contact Lens Exam

Contact lens prescription, glasses prescription, and eye health check. Additional fees apply for specialty contact lens fittings for toric contacts, high astigmatism, monovision, multifocal contacts, and GP hard contact lenses.

30 minutes

Dry Eye Visit

Dry eye specific testing with slit lamp evaluation. Dry eye management visit.

30 minutes

Dilated Eye Exam

Recommended at least every 2 years for a complete ocular health check. Dilation drops open your pupils so the doctor can see the retina and optic nerve better. Diabetes, hypertension, glaucoma, and retinal disorders can be diagnosed with a dilated eye exam. Dilation drops make your vision blurry and light sensitive for 3-4 hours so sunglasses are recommended after your exam.

15 minutes

Medical Eye Visit

Medical eye visit. Price varies depending on complexity of the case.

30 minutes

Jennifer Dang, OD

Fellow of the American Academy of Optometry and residency-trained in ocular disease. Passion for dry eye and ocular surface disease. UCLA and SCCO alumni.