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A consultation allows me to examine your hair and determine which color or cut would best suit your features. Please bring photographs of colors or styles you like. This gives me an idea of what you're interested in and communicate your preferences much more easily. Suitability, maintenance, and service budget will be discussed.

Free · 30 minutes

Gleaux Highlight Add On

$25 · 30 minutes

Leaf & Flower Treatment

An intense reparative and preventative service that instantly reconstructs damaged hair, infuses anti-humectant properties and seals split ends. Delivers long lasting results for up to 10 washes. Combined with CBD Corrective Complex Boost to help provide immediate repair to dry, damaged hair.

$60 · 35 minutes

Bang Trim

Bang Trims are complementary to EXISTING CUSTOMERS ONLY!

Free · 15 minutes


$50 · 1 hour

Signature Blowout (For Natural Hair)

Designed for all the natural hair beauties wanting to take a break from the curls. Straightening the hair while making sure to focus on not causing any heat damage. (At home maintenance is discussed during appointment) Service includes shampoo, conditioning, blowout, trim and curls if desired.

$85 · 2 hours

Wash and GEAUX

Relaxing shampoo and conditioning with this curl defining experience. Designed to help enhance your natural curls. Includes hydrating steam treatment.

$65 · 2 hours


This service includes shampoo and conditioning, followed by a wet cut and a voluminous blowout.

$60 · 1 hour

Curly Cut

For ladies who embrace their curls and need a full cut or reshaping. Service includes hydrating steam treatment. Clients must come with hair in its natural state with minimal products.

$85 · 2 hours

Full Balayage

Balayage allows for a sun-kissed natural looking hair color, with softer, less noticeable re-growth created by hand painted and traditional foil techniques. Prices Vary. Starting price is $185. All new clients must book consultation first.

$185 · 4 hours

Partial Balayage

Partial balayage allows for a sun-kissed natural looking hair color, with softer, less noticeable re-growth created by hand painted and traditional foil techniques (generally focusing on the top layer and sides, or just around the face.). Prices Vary. Starting price is $125. All new clients must book consultation first.

2 hours 30 minutes

Full Highlight

$125 · 3 hours

Partial Highlight

Highlights are placed in the top half and side sections of your head.

$95 · 2 hours 30 minutes

GLEAUX Highlight

Highlights are placed along the top and side of the hairline to give a natural GLEAUX (glow) or sun kissed look.

$65 · 1 hour 45 minutes

Root Touch Up

$70 · 2 hours

All Over Color

For clients needing their roots touched up along with a refresh of the color on their ends.

$95 · 2 hours 30 minutes

Toner With Blowout

For clients in between color appointments who need their color refreshed. Service includes shampoo, toner/gloss, conditioning and blowout.

$70 · 1 hour 30 minutes

Toner Add on

Color service to enhance or refine your current color or new highlights.

$25 · 15 minutes

Keratin Smoothing Treatment

This service is for clients looking for smooth, shiny, more manageable hair with the maximum longevity. *Eliminates frizz for up to 5 months. *Instantly repairs damage. *Increases manageability. *Dramatically reduces blow-dry time. **INCLUDES TRIM**

$300 · 3 hours 15 minutes

Keratin Smoothing Treatment Express

This service is for clients looking for frizz-free hair. Eliminates frizz for up to 6 weeks. Cuts daily styling time and makes blow-dry time faster and easier.

$150 · 1 hour 45 minutes

Malibu Treatment With Blowout

$70 · 1 hour 30 minutes

Malibu Treatment Add On

Helps to remove and prevent any buildup from the water systems used at home that can cause dull, limp, dry hair. Service price is for treatment done alone (no blowdry) or it can be added to a service.

$25 · 15 minutes

Re.Store Deep Conditioning Add On

$25 · 15 minutes

Steam Treatment Add On

Offers deeper penetration to the hair shaft opening hair cuticles and allowing Re.Store treatment to be better absorbed.

$40 · 15 minutes

Microlink Sew-In Install (using hand-tied extensions)

Prices vary depending on length of hair and how many rows. Pricing is discussed at consultation. $380 · 3 hours

Microlink Touch Up With Blowout

$100 for one row move up. Each additional row is $50. i.e.- 2 rows $150 $100 · 2 hours

Microlink Touch Up No Blowout

$60 for 1st row, $50 for each additional row. i.e. 1 row = $60 2 rows = $110 $60 · 30 minutes

Microlink Removal With Styling

$100+. Each additional row $25 i.e.- 1 row removal with shampoo styling =$100. 2rows removal with shampoo styling = $125 $100 · 1 hour 30 minutes

Microlink Removal No Styling

$60+, $25 for each additional row. i.e. -1 row removal $60 2 row removal $85 $60 · 1 hour


Terron Harrison