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Our Services

Holy Fire III Reiki Session with Kathleen
Full-body Reiki session includes chakra balancing, pre- and post-discussion, and the use of healing crystals as deemed necessary by Kathleen.
Reiki Crystal Healing Session
A complete Holy Fire III Reiki session combined with the synergistic healing effects of intuitively chosen crystals - a deeply healing experience.
Reiki & Spiritual Guidance Bundle
This new service combines the healing energy of a complete Holy Fire III Reiki treatment with the inspiring and insightful benefits of a Spiritual Guidance session.
Distant (Remote) Reiki Session
Distant Reiki is as effective as an in-person Reiki session, even though the recipient is not in the same room. Remember that Reiki is precisely directed energy. The effects of distant Reiki are just as profound as those experienced during an in-person session. Includes: ~ Complete Holy Fire III Reiki session at an agreed upon date and time ~ Audio session report and follow-up telephone call ~ Follow-up email to answer questions as needed
Animal Reiki (Distant)
The loving energy of Reiki is a wonderful gift for the animals we care for, and those we care about. Animal Reiki is very similar to Reiki for humans; the practitioner channels the healing energy through his or her hands to the animal client, and the Reiki energy is drawn by the animal’s needs, flowing to where it is most needed. And, because Reiki can never cause harm, it always works for the animal’s highest good. Distant Reiki helps to soothe, calm, and relax the animal, without the added stress of an approaching stranger (the practitioner). In a distant Reiki session, the practitioner channels the healing energy, and directs it to the animal through focused intent. Meanwhile, the animal remains in familiar surroundings, allowing a more receptive state. This in turn enhances the healing process. Includes: ~Initial telephone consultation ~Complete Holy Fire III Reiki session for the animal, conducted in the UniverSoul Heart Reiki healing space ~Audio report of session, emailed to client
Placement/Attunement (Stand-alone)
For UniverSoul Heart Reiki Students- includes a booster placement and/or attunement to additional symbols. Conducted in conjunction with a Reiki Session.
Past Life Soul Regression
Past Life Soul Regressions (PLSR) are offered in-person or by remote (Zoom platform). The PLSR includes a detailed pre-session intake, the regression procedure to access past life memories, and post-session discussion. For those who truly wish to know themselves at the most profound level, exploration of past lives can be the key to understanding. Those who embark on this journey of understanding frequently realize the relationship between certain past lives and their current incarnation. This leads to a greater awareness of our true nature as spiritual beings, and helps to release unnecessary residue from past lives that may be adversely affecting the current life. This awareness can facilitate positive change by identifying and releasing those influences from past lives that no longer serve. See more information at https://www.universoulheart.net/services/past-life-exploration
Couples Reiki & "Reiki for Two"
Two tables, two practitioners, one room... A Couples session promotes a deeper level of healing in the relationship, because it addresses each individual’s healing needs, as well as the healing needs of the relationship itself – the “third party” in the session.
Spiritual Guidance Consultation
Receiving spiritual guidance can help you rediscover the preciousness and joyfulness of life on Earth by realizing and honoring your true spiritual nature. Spiritual Guidance is not psycho-therapeutic counseling; instead, it focuses on issues that many spiritual seekers face along the Path. The Spiritual Guidance mentor is a “fellow traveler” on the Journey, offering insight, direction, and support. A Spiritual Guidance session can be conducted in person or by telephone/Skype.
Child Reiki Session (14 and under)
The benefits of Reiki for children are many, and include reduced stress, better sleep, increased compassion, and improved resilience. Full-body Holy Fire III Reiki session includes chakra balancing, post discussion, and the use of healing crystals as deemed necessary by Kathleen.
Reiki Rocks! A Children’s Program
An opportunity for children to learn Reiki as a life-enhancing skill! The course is designed to be fun and interactive, and includes the Holy Fire III, Reiki 1 placement/attunement which provides the ability to channel Reiki energy for their benefit as well as others.
Private Instruction
Private classes are available by appointment for Holy Fire III -Reiki Levels 1 & 2 and Crystal Basics Workshop.
Holy Fire III Reiki - Level 1 (Private Class)
Private Instruction in Usui/Holy Fire III Reiki, Level 1. For those who want a truly personalized and customized experience. This class contains all the elements of a group Reiki 1 workshop, with the additional bonus of one-on-one instruction with Kathleen.

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