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Reiki Sessions with Beth

Reiki energy healing sessions with Reiki Master, Beth Sauter , include intuitive crystal healing and crystal singing bowls ! Please feel free to leave any information if you have any special requirements that we can accommodate! Otherwise, come as you are to enjoy and relax. *If you are seeking Distance reiki Healing please see the “virtual services” Section or, leave a message in your booking notes and Beth will contact you to set up a check-in phone/Zoom call.

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Joyful Transformation Coaching Session

I am here to offer Joyful Transformation Coaching. I consider my style to be deeply Intuitive, and my solutions to be holistic, And the wisdom that pours through me comes directly from the universe And I Wholeheartedly trust the guidance that I channel. My soul-mate clients are caregivers and healers on the cusp of their personal transformation journey. Whether or not you know it yet, if you were drawn to my energy (right here, right now) YOU have a gift to share with the world that illuminates the lives of those around you. Where I come in? Is helping you shed the negative thought patterns, self-imposed limitations. Helping you embrace your authenticity so that you can align your life with your soul’s calling! You intuition brought you here for a reason, and I’m so happy that you’re here! Send me a message and let’s connect today! The consultation call is completely complimentary.

Free · 30 minutes

Distance Reiki Energy Healing

Reiki energy healing is limitless, it knows no boundaries of distance! When you book a distance Reiki session with Certified Reiki Master-Practitioner, Beth, she will channel Universal Life Force Energy directly to you, your pets, or your loved ones! Reiki healing is beneficial for everyone! Reiki alleviates and heals: Chronic Pain, Depression, Anxiety, Stress , PTSD Reiki promotes faster recovery from Illness and Injury Reiki imparts mental clarity, creativity, happiness, and deep relaxation It is 100% safe, all natural healing. Life force energy guided by the wisdom of the Universe, channeled by your loving, empathic, open-hearted practitioner, Beth. Reiki can be received by anyone, anywhere in the world. Ki (also known as prana, chi, light, Qi, or mana) is the life-energy that flows through each and every living being. This spirit within and between all things is Love from the Universe, so sharing it across time and space is always a positive practice. Reiki is an excellent healing experience for children, pregnant women, and animals too! Reiki can do no harm, it is pure LOVE!

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Tarot Reading

If you are seeking wisdom, tarot is a tool of guidance to connect to your own inner wisdom. In a reading with Beth, you will be fully engaged in the process, in discovering, clarifying, revealing and confirming your intuition. The reading should last around 25 minutes, and her presence as a Reiki Master and Crystal healer allow her a grounded and guided perspective to support your quests.

$35 $35 · 25 minutes


Beth Sauter