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Esthetician + Educator focused on a natural & holistic approach to beauty & self care, specializing in Sugaring Hair Removal & Red Light Therapy.
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Our Services

Get Me Glowing: Custom Facial
A fully customized facial, tailored to your skins specific needs and desired results.
Glow & Go: Light Therapy Session
This non-invasive treatment is safe to do before special events for angelic glow and will boost the radiance of the complexion and overall health of the skin. Inflammation is reduced, oxygen is infused and collagen is produced to reduce fine lines, heal acne and boost well being. Treatment includes a deep cleanse plus a 20 minute serum infusion using LED Red Light Therapy. Great once a week, and the perfect maintenance in-between facials.
Vagacial: Skin Treatment for the Bikini area
A customized skin treatment for the bikini area (vulva) to treat irritation, ingrown hair and hyperpigmentation. Can be done every 2-4 weeks.
Post Sugaring Healing Light Therapy
Help soothe skin, promote healing and reduce redness and irritation after a sugaring session with LED light therapy. Use after a facial sugaring to reduce irritation and give the complexion an angelic glow, or after a Brazilian sugaring to help ease discomfort and help heal and prevent ingrown hair. Light Therapy also aids in overall health and wellbeing.
Brazilian Sugaring: 5+ wks / 1st time.
For first timers, new to me clients & clients who have gone 5 or more weeks since their last Brazilian sugaring. Take as much or as little off the front as you want, with a clean up strip just between the cheeks. No male clients.
Brazilian Sugaring: 3 - 5 weeks
For my regulars who get sugared constantly every 3-5 weeks.
Deep Bikini Sugaring
Take as little or as much off the front as desired with out touching the back.
Bikini Line Sugaring
Clean up unwanted hair on the outside of the bikini/ underwear line only. Not accepting male bikini clients.
Brow + Lip Sugaring Combo
Brow and lip combo to save time.
Brow Sugaring
Brows perfectly shaped into the most flattering fit for your face.
Lip Sugaring
remove unwanted hair from the upper and lower lip.
Chin Sugaring
Not by the hairs of your chinny chin chin! *Facial Sugaring cannot be combined w/ a Facial Treatment in the same session, must wait 1 week in between*
Cheek + Side Burn Sugaring
Clean up unwanted hair off the sides of the face. *Facial Sugaring cannot be combined w/ a Facial Treatment in the same session, must wait 1 week in between*
Full Face Sugaring
Full face sugaring, brows included. *Facial Sugaring cannot be combined (minus LED therapy) w/ a Facial treatment in the same session, must wait 1 week in between*
Under Arm Sugaring
Full Leg Sugaring
Full leg - toes and feet are included, bikini line is not. Add on bikini for $15 (price is for both legs)
Upper Leg Sugaring
Lower Leg Sugaring
Full Arm Sugaring
Full arm- fingers included, underarm is not. (price if for both arms)
Half Arm Sugaring
Full arm- fingers included, underarm is not. (price is for both arms)
Full Back Sugaring
Full back sugaring from the base of the neck to the base of the back.
Half Back Sugaring
For SPARSE patchy backs or backs that just grow hair on the lower area.
Chest Sugaring
Nipple (areola) Sugaring
Full Stomach Sugaring
From under the breast to above the pubic line.
Stomach Strip Sugaring
A.K.A. The happy trail
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