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Style/blowout (secados)

The final price depends of the long and volume of your hair If you get other services I give you a discount on your service

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The prices is from $250 and the final price is depend on the technic, long and volumen of the hair. Is very important the history of your hair.

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Correction color

The prices depends on the history of your hair and the conditions it is in

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The price depends of you want a natural color or fantasy color, the long and volumen of the hair

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Color Roots / Raices

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Highlights short hair

The final prices depends of technic, the long and volumen of your hair

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The final prices depends the long and volume of your hair

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The prices start from $70 and not include blow dry, if the client has an extra large or lot volume hair the prices will be modified

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The final price depends of the braid what you want to wear

Call us for prices $100 · 1 hour 30 minutes

Hydration treatments

Moisturizer shampoo and conditioner Deep hydration and conditioning, restores elasticity

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Hair Extensions (Only Installations)

Prices are based on 100 grams of hair, additional price may apply if client wishes to add more hair

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Hair Extensions + Installation + haircut (2 bundles 100% human hair)

Include 100 grams of human hair, installation, haircut and style

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The prices is only for the bride, that prices include style, updo, bride makeup and false eyelashes. If you need include your mom or bridesmaids, we have others packages for you DESTINATION BRIDES NOT HAVING A TRIALS

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Olaplex treatment

$150 · 1 hour 30 minutes

Baby highlights

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Free · 30 minutes

Hydration Ybera Profesional

The price starts from $200 and final price depends of the long and volume of your hair. Cocada capilar not includes the blow dry.

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Cirugia Capilar

This service is specially for strong curly hair y Afro hair. The prices start from $150

Free · 4 hours 30 minutes


If you need different styles and makeup please let me know

Call us for prices $400 · 3 hours

Extration color

Call us for consultation $250 · 4 hours

Promociones Especiales

Los precios pueden variar según el volumen y el largo del cabello

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Talleres y entrenamientos

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$250 · 3 hours


Alix Galicia


Nails by Lisbeth

Mas de 30 años de experiencia, venezolana de san cristobal, mi mayor pasión la limpieza profunda de las uñas, especialista en pedicure, dipping powder y uñas en gel