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Private Lesson
Salsa Group Class on Saturdays @6pm
Salsa Fundamentals Basic Class (Nov 26-Dec 17) Tuesday"s
Salsa Fundamentals basic class (1.5 hours - once a week - 4 weeks) On Tuesdays 1. Workout attire is required - we will focus on partnership communication for leaders and followers. 2. Musicality and footwork - floor approach and resistance is how we get to our comfort zone and start our styling process. The class is taught by Oscar Manuel - former Gloria Estefan Dancer/Choreographer/Dance Teacher/Theater Actor/Choreographer, 1993 - Present "We might be different but we agree on Salsa!", - Oscar
Hustle Basics
It is a disco dance which got created in the 1970’s in South Bronx. The Hustle is a partner dance and at times it is a spot dance that originated from hooky gigs and basements club dances. It is well recognized by a Saturday Night Fever movie featuring John Travolta dancing. A skill to dance Hustle is a nice one to have and it is always fun to dance it in the Clubs. It is good for beginners and advanced students.
Introductory New Students
This lesson is designed to introduce you to the basic elements of dancing. Music, step patterns, dance styles and etc.
5 Lessons Package
The lessons don't have an expiration date!
10 Lessons
The lessons don't have an expiration date.
3 Lessons Package

Our Staff

Dancer/Choreographer/Dance Teacher/Theater Actor/Choreographer 1993 - Present

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