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Our Services

Initial Consultation
Welcome! Let’s get to know each other. I would love to get to know you, and I want you to get to know me too. For your convenience, I am available by Phone, Zoom (video chat), or in-person in Charlottesville, VA. You are making a heroic choice to live an authentic, true, and legendary life. Let’s get started!
Relationship/Couples Package (8 Sessions)
Phone, Zoom (video chat), or in-person in Charlottesville, VA. If you are newly married or in a new relationship, a couples package with me can help you navigate any rising issues, iron out any relational wrinkles, and help you to put forth your greatest effort in making your relationship work. This package includes 6 Individualized Sessions where we’ll discuss your roles and goals in your relationship, as well as heal any past wounds and help let go of any personal baggage; 2 Joint Sessions designed to heal the gaps in your connection. We will discuss: 1) how to establish boundaries with yourself and your partner 2) how to show respect for yourself and your partner 3) strategies for healing personal guilt 4) strategies for healing childhood trauma and letting go of damaging habits 5) methods for finding true love and discerning your soulmate compatibility 6) creating a new daily routine that includes your partner—and so much more!
Life-Event Package (6 Sessions)
Phone, Zoom (video chat), or in-person in Charlottesville, VA. These are no ordinary sessions! Together, we will work on removing the mental and emotional blocks, fears, and habits that are hindering you and your path towards Living Your Legendary Life. Life events, both positive and negative (like the birth or a child or the loss of a job) can throw everything in your life out of balance—making it hard to communicate with others; causing basic daily tasks to become daunting; filling you with a sense of sadness, dread, or isolation; or forcing you to question your true desires and identity. (Yes, EVEN positive life events!) Transitions can trigger past traumas and send your relationships into conflict—making you feel misunderstood and alone. Coping with a challenging or traumatic life event, like 1) New relationship 2) Birth of a child 3) Loss of a loved one 4) Cultural acclamation 5) Career changes/job loss & more.
Tarot & Numerology
Phone, Zoom (video chat), or in-person in Charlottesville, VA. Are you looking for your life’s purpose? Maybe you’re facing a life-changing turning point? Have you noticed wake up calls like 11:11, 11, 222 and 333? Are you ready to meet your Soulmate or Twin Flame? Maybe you need accurate career guidance? If any of the above sounds like you then it’s time for us to meet! I am a trustworthy and passionate tarot and numerology practitioner, who has read for hundreds of people and have a year-round waitlist—and you’re not only seeing an expert, this work is my own Legendary Life’s calling! Guidance from the universe is waiting for you. *Please note, once you book this particular session with me, I need you to email with your Full Legal Name, Date of Birth, Place of Birth and your current situation or area of concern for which you are seeking guidance and answers.
This 30 min phone call or Zoom (video chat) is designed to understand your specific needs when it comes to a personalized, one-of-a-kind, sound bath, guided meditation or affirmation recording. I will personalize your recording to meet your unique needs and desires. Then, the SoundCloud file is yours to keep forever (please allow a 2 week turnaround.) Specific options include 1) Sound Bath Healing with personalized chanting 2) Meditation Healing 3) Affirmation Healing. All recordings will be personalized to you and last 30 minutes.

Our Staff

Krupa B
I am an Intuitive Life Coach, Tarot Reader, Numerologist, Ayurveda Healer and more!