I do hair for people who like to look a certain way. I hold 36 certifications within my profession. Ive been a stylist for 19 years. I was a platform artist with Paul Mitchell for 15 years touring the u.s. teaching techniques to stylists wanting to expand their skillsets. I love that my training has elevated me to be able to perform services most hairdressers wont take on. Integrity is the ultimate goal when being able to deliver the hair you want.
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Our Services

Women's Haircut
Shiatsu scalp massage cleanse and conditioning. Tailored specific to your hairs needs. Customized cut, with blowout, and style coaching to achieve desired end result. 1 hour reservation.
Deva Cut
Please come with hair completely dry, and curls in their natural state. No ponytails or clippies please. This is a specialized way of cutting curly hair to enhance your curls best performance. I cut each individual curl with a pair of custom curved shears along your curl pattern. From the tightest afro curl to natural wavy hair have 19 years experience with all hair types. Shiatsu scalp massage with the deva transformation service included. Please allow an hour and 45 min for this service.
Fashion 5
Just need a little hint of color, or something to tide you over for a few more weeks? This is 5 foils of any single process blonde or in a hurry demi permanent color.. great for 1st time color, those wanting to try something new without a big commitment. Include Express wash, and condition and Dyson power blow dry. In and out in 45 minutes.
Root Touch Up.
From the most resistant of gray hair to the darkest root matching your platinum blonde, single process. Please note this is a starting price. Feel free to contact me if you have questions in pricing. This service includes an exact match of regrowth up to 1 inch long or up to 8 weeks. Refreshing the ends is additional $ depending on length. Shiatsu scalp massage tailored cleanse and conditioning per your hair's needs. Blow out to desired look.
Partial Highlight
This is the best way to add dimension to achieve the maintenance and color that is best for your lifestyle, skin tone, and working to enhance you natural color. Get what you want without breaking the bank, or spending all day in the studio.
Full Highlight
A complete application of foils artistically placed to reflect your desired look. Baby lights, low lights, blondest blondes, gray coverage, or any single process colors. Additional dimensional colors or toning extra.
I certifed in the art of balayage with Paul Mitchell, and later attended Redken NYC Balayage advanced. This beautiful technique is a hand painted seamless transition from dark to light, or light to dark. No regular maintenance needed other than the right care to keep it looking good. Completely customizable to desired end result. Additional coloring like root smudge or gray coverage is extra.
Color Correction
Whether a mistake from a salon, an unexpected home dye mishap, or you're finally done with that black hairdye I'm your girl. I am Color certified with JPMS The Color. This is a special certification only available for color educators and platform artists. Held to the highest standard in the industry this certification takes 1-2 years of rigorous course work, and written chemistry of pass or fail test. The minimum booking for this is 4 hrs. A deposit is required to secure such a large block of time, along with coming in for me to properly assess if the goals are even achievable. Sometimes they are not. The integrity of your hair is more important to me that further damage. All correction services include redken bondbuilder (like olaplex, but far superior) to keep the bonds intact during the process. Tone if needed, cut, and blowout. Please budget for the proper aftercare needed to insure lasting results.
All the colors... pastels, oilslick, dipdye, unicorn, mermaid, silver, color melt, prism, and any picture you bring in that has rainbow hues. This service requires prelightening the hair, and has a bit of processing time. This service also includes the correct cleansing conditioner that keeps the life of your vivids for months. An in salon assessment, and deposit is required to secure such a large block of time.
Vivid Retouching
Get the exact match on your vivids when your roots come in. Also includes a little refreshing the color on the ends if it needs it.
Toning Service
Hair a little brassy? Muttely gray? More chocolate to your natural hair. Toners can be used in a lot of ways. Adds shine and enhanced tone for 4-6 weeks. Includes Dyson power dry.
Extension Removal
I offer complimentary removal to my extension clients. If someone else did the installation, its $50.00/ hr for removal.
Extension Move Up
This is for I-tip only. The hair can be reused for up to 6 months if properly cared for. As your natural hair grows the extensions grow with it. It is ideal to not let the new growth dread to aviod breakage, and should be scheduled 8 weeks after original install.
Wedding hair groom.
Groom only. Neck trim and ear detailing. Facial hair grooming, and shaping. In salon wash & style.
Wedding Groomsman Package.
Groom, best man, and 2 others. Ear detailing, neck trim, and styling for the men. Onsite or in salon availability.
Wedding hair for bride only
Bride only, in salon service. Relaxing massage and wash, blowout, and desired upstyle for the big day. Includes pre wedding trial.
Wedding party.
In salon or onsite pricing on the day of the wedding. This package accommodates bride, and 2 others. Milage charge extra for any onsite travel beyond 30 miles.
Platinum Card Blonding
When wanting to achieve an all over even platinum blonde, natural pale blonde, or honey blonde. Includes bondbuilder, ph restore, and toning service if needed. PLEASE NOTE THIS IS A STARTING PRICE. We will fully discuss any additional costs prior to service. If hair is previously colored darker, than it is a color correction.
Platinum Card Retouch
To ensure a perfect match, this appointment needs to be no more than 8 weeks after blonding service. Includes bondbuilder, and tone if needed. Longer re growth is an additional charge.
Up Do
Hair tinsel
Please specify how many strands so i can alter time if needed.
Ombre is a seemless transition from dark to light or light to dark with no "lines". Custom blended and completely hand painted. If wanting an ombre style with rainbow colors please book a vivids appointment.
All Over Color.
All over color is a root to end application for even, predictable, shiny, and luscious coloring experience. Low ph level protects the hair, while delivering solid coverage. Dimensional collection coloring extra. Permanent or Demi available. Sulphate free ph wash and condition to restore hairs natural ph level, and Dyson express blowout.
Men's Haircut

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