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Miami Snatched (Post- op)

This IV is prepared to help you in the healing process after plastic surgery.

Includes mobile fee $249 · 1 hour

Hydration Boost Plus (Pre-op)

Hydration plus a vitamin of your choice.

$149 · 1 hour

Immunity Drip

Protect your immune system to fight off potential invaders!

$199 · 1 hour

Energy Charge

This IV gives you the boost you need to keep going.

$199 · 1 hour

After Party Mix

accelerate hangover recovery so you can continue with your daily routines. Includes zofran and toradol

$249 · 1 hour

Athletic Drip

Designed for muscle recovery and athletic performance.

$189 · 1 hour

Skinny Infusion

Boost metabolism and safely burn fat with this infusion.

$189 · 1 hour

Glam & Glow Blend

Our signature blend designed to make you glam within and glow without.

$249 · 1 hour

Custom IV Treatment

Drip will be customized upon consultation to fit clients needs and expectations.

1 hour


Yesenia Acosta