The Happy Lyon

The Happy Lyon was established in 2018 to create opportunities and experiences for bettering the wellness of the communities it serves by creating educational, artistic, social events and products that create happiness. It is our belief that keeping people active in body, mind and spirit creates more, and happier birthdays!
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Our Services

Energy Tune-up
Get a quick energy session 5-15 minutes, Reiki or Accunect as needed by the client.
Fitness, CHILLAX Class (4 wks)
Master your Micro Moves with this slow and gentle movement class. It won't leave you breathless. This is a combo of Tai Chi and MELT Methods which aid in reducing the effects of tension, managing pain and increasing overall body hydration. 1-hr classes Borrow MELT Equipment Free Resistance Band 1-month, 8-classes, $80 *PLEASE SEE class schedule at If these times don’t work for you, give us a call to inquire about alternate times. 406.282.2020
System ReBoot (4 wks)
Take just 30 minutes to reboot yourself. This class is a variety of activities to help you reboot your week to get a fresh start, amidst the stress of a harried life. In, focused and out the door! First Class is free, $5/session, sold in 4-packs Get in combo with other services and save! PLEASE CHECK THE CALENDAR FOR TIMES/DATES
Cancer Care Consult
Schedule an appointment to talk about intense cancer support with Preventative Medicine researcher, Dr. Gary D. Stoner.
QHHT Session
Quantum Healing Hypnosis Technique Session Please Allow 3-5 hours for a session and plan accordingly. 75% cancellation charge for this session, sessions must be paid in advance.
Activation Massage
A unique type of massage which uses assessment and active participation from the client to reduce pain, increase range of motion and improve function of the muscles across joints.
MELT Method Individual Training
1-on-1 training on how to use the MELT method to reap the pain reduction, hydration of joints and overall improvement of muscle function.
Healing Journeys
Get started on your healing journey by combining massage and muscle building in one session and save on our regular prices. Training and Massage are tailor suited to your needs. Pre-purchase 3 sessions, and save an additional $10!
Introductory Personal Training 3 Pack
3 personal sessions with Marnie Lyon, MELT Instructor, ACE Certified Health and Wellness coach. Three sessions are best for getting the biggest bang for your buck.
Therapeutic Massages
Therapeutic Massages offer the best for the client. This includes all modalities (except hot stone, body scrubs and signature massages) that are appropriate for your personal situation. WANT TO SAVE$$? Prepay for massages and receive discounts which increase with volume purchases. Discounts given at time of massage (credit to your card). Rebook at the end of your session - save $5 towards your next session - rebook 6 times and get a 7th session free!
Signature Massages
Pampering dry brush massage followed by a Swedish massage with pleasant aromatic touches in an applied lotion or oil. Choose between: Lush Relaxation, Immune & Arthritis Support, Light & Delight
Therapeutic Reiki Massage
A therapeutic massage experience which adds Reiki where needed. During a massage session you can expect to have a initial discussion about your current status, needs and preferences and I will explain Reiki, and recommend an approach that will provide you with the best therapeutic solution. **Since we share a space sometimes it's best, but not required, to schedule this service when there isn't anyone sharing our space. Confirmation of this appointment is required.
Love my Hands
Get an focused massage on your hands and forearms. This will leave your hands invigorated, more mobile, less sore. This can help with muscle soreness, poor circulation (cold, numb fingers), and arthritis. A scrub can be added for $5, please request when booking to add the scrub.
Foot Scrub & Massage
Experience a relaxing, warm soak, refreshing scrub and massage to ease your aching feet!
Reiki Session
1 hour Reiki session. Reiki is a Japanese energy healing technique which can occur after setting mutual intentions for healing and being open. It consists of light touch that helps direct healing where needed, as needed. Reiki is relaxing and can, but doesn’t always include some mild sensations.
Chair Massages
Personal Training
Personalized fitness training with MELT Instructor, ACE Certified Health and Wellness coach, Marnie Lyon. Must be an established customer to book this session. If new, check out the Introductory Personal Training Pack - if returning customer, be sure to ask about bulk pricing.
Nutritional Counseling
A consultation service to address ways to improve your nutritional repertoire for optimum health. 100% personalized, available in 1-5 sessions. Book this first meeting, and then subsequent ones will be scheduled after the first meeting. If a returning customer, be sure to ask about bulk pricing.
On-Site Massage
Out all services are available at the regular price that applies to your appt, with an additional $37 outcall fee within 15 miles. Additional mileage incurs $1/mile additional cost. $75 deposit required, with remainder due upon delivery of service. Cancellations must be done 48 hours in advance.
Hot Stone Massage
Warm stones used in Therapeutic massage, which feels like a warm shower and a relaxing massage combined into one! You'll get up feeling better with this gentle and therapeutic touch. 75 minutes. More time can be added for an additional cost. HOT STONE MASSAGES MUST BE MADE 24 HOURS IN ADVANCE.
Marketing & Graphics Initial Visit
Book an initial meeting to discuss your print, online and social media needs. This is a free 20 minute session to see if Blaire Hall can help you achieve your marketing, graphics and online media goals. While the session itself is free, please be aware blocking time off of the schedule for this impacts other appointments and is subject to a $25 cancellation fee for NO-SHOWS and Cancellations which don't occur 24 hours before the scheduled time.
Fitness class pack
First class is free, so book your first class online, and when you get here learn of all the class options and purchase a class pack of your choosing.

Our Staff

Blaire Hall, LMT
Blaire is a massage therapist, Holy Fire Reiki Master, Accunect and QHHT practitioner who effectively uses her intuition and professionalism to help co-create genuine connections resulting in the best possible experience for those with whom she works. Before becoming a Massage Therapist & Reiki practitioner, Blaire was a public school teacher for 9 years and is still a graphics & marketing professional and business owner. Blaire comes to The Happy Lyon from many years of life as a southerner. Upon meeting Marnie, her focus and alignment with the idea of promoting happiness and well being was able to help bring the idea of gifting happiness to life. Blaire is also the business Manager and can answer any of your questions about the services offered here.
Dr. Gary D. Stoner
Dr. Gary Stoner spent many years of research on preventative cancer. Dr. Stoner is a native to Manhattan, MT but has conducted research all around the world. Dr. Stoner follows, participates in and supports research on preventative approaches to many cancers.
Marnie Lyon
Marnie Lyon is a retired dietician who has experience working for the state of Montana in public service. Additionally she has been a personal trainer since 2012 and has worked in pond installation and maintenance from 1999 - 2019.