Midwest Ketafusion

Our Goal is to help you alleviate your symptoms and reclaim your life by providing clinically proven low-dose ketamine infusions for the treatment of Depression, Anxiety, PTSD, Chronic Pain, and Migraines.
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Our Services

Free 15 minute Phone Consultation
Interested in our services? Schedule a convenient time and one of our providers will call you.
Consultation Prior to Infusion
A 30 to 45 minute meeting with a ketamine infusion specialist to discuss your history, current medications, and overall treatment plan with ketamine infusion therapy.
SPG Block for Migraine
Spenopalatine Ganglion Block. Indicated for migraine with/without aura, chronic migraine, ice pick headache, cluster headache, and cervicogenic headache.

Our Staff

The team at Midwest Ketafusion,
led by Michael McGowan ARNP, CRNA is dedicated to providing the highest quality of care for patients. Working with your primary care provider and mental health specialists, Midwest Ketafusion creates a safe, effective treatment plan tailored to each individual patient. With extensive knowledge and skill in administering ketamine infusions, the team at Midwest Ketafusion is able to give relief to even the most severe forms of treatment-resistant mental illness and chronic pain conditions.