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The DevaCut was created by the Devachan Salon and is a special technique for cutting curly, wavy or coily hair. The cut is more about making each curl look its best and not just a way to “tame” the curls. The cut is created on dry hair so the stylist sees how each curl will fall and each individual curl is shaped. Client MUST arrive DETANGLED . $25 Detangle Fee will be added if Knotted. Please come LIGHTLY styled, not too much gel, creams or other products. Also NO BUNS NO PONYTAIL NO BRAIDS OR TWISTS ITS IMPERATIVE THAT I CAN SEE EACH AND EVERY CURL. if you arrive however you will be turned away and asked to reschedule. Thank you.

$150 · 1 hour

Devacut Express (Trim/NoStyling)

The express cut service is a dry cutting reshaping service for all natural textures. This service requires 30 minutes or less with no sink work! keep in mind that this service may not always be intended for every client especially if the hair is in poor condition, if you feel like you need more than just a cut please book a full haircut. If you feel like your hair just needs a trim or reshaping than this haircut is the haircut for you. Please arrive with your hair Detangle and perfectly styled in your normal day-to-day washing goals. This way I can see every curl and rearrange the shape. If you normally wear your hair in a stretched style you can come in also with a twist out or a freshly braid out taken down so that I can just clip your ends so that you’re protective styles can come out cleaner thank you very much if you have any questions comments or concerns please feel free to text me your full name and a photograph of your hair so we can determine the perfect service for you if you have any troubles booking on your own thank you

$80 · 30 minutes

Bang Trims

$25 · 15 minutes

A Facetime Consultation

Curly hair is bold, natural, beautiful, and it’s my mission to celebrate your unique curls. Consultations inspired by conversations with real people. I won't just give you amazing curls, I'll teach you how to create them on your own. I've built on an ever-growing base of loyal curly-haired clients that value the experience I provide for them. A "Facetime Consultation" makes it fun and easy to show your curly locks the love they deserve. i help people believe in the very simple idea of loving their curls in their own way. Have 3 Curl Goals Pictures & Questions prepared.

$50 · 30 minutes

Wash & Go (Curly Styling)

Client should arrive Detangled and ready to begin this amazing hydration service. I use Various products to cleanse and hydrate and style. If you’re opposed to using products I provide please contact me / bring your own magic. Once styling is complete you’ll sit to dry. If you are booking a wash and go for the first time please add extra time so that I can teach you how to properly wash and go your hair if you bring your own products I can show you how to use what you already have or you can take the recommendation of what I like to use home with you.

$75 · 1 hour

Add Extra Time (+30 Min)

If your hair is extremely dense or long please add this to your appointment. This is a 30 minute time period. I only want to give the best service to my clients & it takes a village to do so. Thank you in advance.

$25 · 30 minutes


Deanna Brown