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Long Hair Trim

Haircut with only scissors that is too long to be tapered

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Regular haircut and fades with clippers and scissors

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Keltie (Barber Apprentice)

Keltie is a queer, non-binary, junior barber. They were born and raised in Nova Scotia and are always exploring and learning new things about the province. They are a stained glass artist and former automotive mechanic, who loves working with their hands. They are excited to be learning and growing as a barber at Old Pine. Keltie is dedicated to creating a safer and comfy space for all of their clients, while helping them look their best.


Owen Stanford

Owen originally hails from Ontario where he started cutting buds mops in a backyard in 2010. He is also a carpenter, artist and most proudly a dad. Excited to provide classic fine grooming and a safe/comfortable atmosphere to Old Pine.