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New Color Guests - Do Not Book Yet: Please Fill Out Form Before Booking

Please DO NOT book this slot of time if you are a new color guest. Please DO head over to and fill out the form I’ve provided and I will get back to you within 3-5 working days. Thank you and I look forward to chatting with you!

Free · 5 minutes

Short Haircut (2" or shorter on the sides)

Ideal for guests with 2" hair or shorter on the sides (clean around the ears). Not bookable for any mid-length haircuts, long haircuts or bobs.

4 Options

Mid-Length Haircut (No Bobs)

Ideal for hair that is over 2" long on the side but doesn't reach longer than the ear (think surfer hair). Not ideal for bobs or longer (please book under Long Haircut).

3 Options

Long Haircut

Ideal for bobs and longer.

3 Options

Bang Trim or Neck Cleanup

$20 · 15 minutes


Ideal for clients wanting a simple wash and blowout with round brushes or beachy wave. Not ideal for event styling up-do's.

$75 · 1 hour

Base Retouch

Ideal for existing guests, grey coverage clients and clients with a solid color at their roots. Not ideal for new guests, platinum retouches or any lightening services. Pricing is a starting point and will vary depending on the amount of color used and time needed for each unique client.

6 Options

Custom Lightening Session

Ideal for existing guests looking to go lighter (balayage, highlights, etc.) Not ideal for new guests or color corrections. All custom lightening sessions include Olaplex and a toner/gloss.

4 Options

Platinum Retouch

Ideal for existing platinum blonde guests with 1/2" regrowth or less. Not ideal for new guests or existing guests that are not already platinum blonde.

3 Options

Vivid Color

Ideal for existing guests with prelightened hair. Not ideal for new guests or anyone who doesn't want party hair.

5 Options

Gloss / Toner

Ideal for existing guests looking to refresh the tone of their hair or add shine. Not ideal for new guests or grey coverage.

5 Options

Olaplex Treatment

Ideal for all guests looking to build healthier hair from the inside out. I recommend that you leave with the treatment on your hair and keep it in as long as possible. The longer it’s on, the longer it’s able to work, and don’t worry, there’s not chance of damage by leaving it on longer! Olaplex is a bond rebuilding treatment, not a deep conditioning treatment. It rebuilds the broken bonds in your hair from the inside out caused by thermal, environmental and chemical damage.

4 Options

Keratin Smoothing Treatment

Ideal for existing guests looking to smooth out their frizz for 3-5 months and keep their natural texture (you may notice a minimal relaxing to natural texture). Not Ideal for new guests, permanent straightening or pregnant persons.

3 Options

Grey Blending (Short Haircut Guests Only)

Ideal for existing short haircut guests looking to bring their hair back to it's 'younger years', blend their greys, not cover them entirely, and see their color fade on tone. Not ideal for new guests or full grey coverage.

2 Options

Relaxer (Short Haircut Guests Only)

For existing short haircut guests only (2" or shorter on sides). Straightens curly locks, smooths frizz and makes hair more manageable.

2 Options


Heather VanHuss